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Shuler King Net Worth 2021

Social Media Sensation

Shuler King is an internet personality and social media sensation who is known for his hilarious reaction videos and antics. With over 600k followers on Instagram, he has a bright future ahead of him. In 2007, he graduated from the University of South Carolina, and he appeared as himself on Nick Cannon’s television show Wild ‘N Out. Currently, he is married to Courtney Williams. In addition to his career in showbiz, he also works as a funeral director.

YouTube Channel

In addition to his acting career, Shuler King has a successful YouTube channel and is a Director of Burial services. He has continued to appear on television and movies, earning an annual salary of $60k. King has been married to Betsy Kling for over 20 years and has a net worth of $10 million. In addition, his net worth will rise significantly if he continues to enjoy the success he has enjoyed so far.

Funny Videos 

Shuler King’s net worth is expected to grow as his YouTube channel continues to gain popularity. In addition to releasing a range of hilarious prank videos, he also has a YouTube channel dedicated to uploading funny videos. Those who follow Shuler King’s channel can expect to see his net worth grow to more than $10 million in 2021. And, if you’re a fan of YouTube, there’s no doubt that his wife is a talented YouTuber who focuses on mental health. You can check out the first time the two met.

Active Social Media User

Though Shuler King hasn’t announced his total assets, it is highly likely that he has millions of dollars. Currently a YouTube sensation, Shuler is known for transferring his hilarious turntable recordings to a variety of online venues. His videos have garnered over seven hundred thousand supporters on YouTube and countless views on YouTube. In addition to his YouTube channel, Shuler King is active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. With his immense fan base, it is no surprise that his net worth is expected to grow even higher.

Net Worth

In terms of his acting career, the comic Shuler King’s net worth is expected to grow to $20 million by 2021. His career in comedy began in his early years, and he has since gone on to become a major name in the industry. His popularity has increased exponentially. In fact, his net worth has skyrocketed over the past few years. It’s hard to say what the future holds for him, but one thing is certain. Shuler King’s net worth is expected to continue rising in the years ahead.


The comedian’s comedic career began when he was a college freshman. He performed his first show at an NCO club of his local navy base. In 2013 he earned his mortuary science diploma from Gupton-Jones Faculty of Funeral Service and now works as a licensed funeral director and embalmer in South Carolina. Although he’s a rising star, Shuler’s family run funeral home is a major source of income and he’s actively fighting for the survival of the business. Shuler King net worth 2021

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