4 Study Tips for Exam Preparation

Exam season is stressful for any student, but the whole process can be made much easier by an effective exam preparation period. Your exam preparation is vitally important, as it is what will help you to achieve the grades that fully represent your potential. While successful exam preparation does take a good deal of determination, there are things that you can do to make the whole process much easier for yourself. Knowing the right study tips will allow you to focus your efforts and revise more effectively, helping you get the most out of your exam preparation period.

1. Create the Right Working Environment

The exam preparation period is going to require work, but it does not need to be punishing. Creating a working environment that is conducive and helps you to remain focused is a great way to increase your productivity rates. Try and find a space that is away from all distractions, so you do not feel tempted to switch on Netflix or your PlayStation quickly. Ideally, your working spot should have enough space for you to spread out all of your notes.

Think about how you work best. For example, do you like to work in complete silence, or do you prefer some background noise? Does walking around reciting your notes help you remember facts, or do you prefer to remain seated? Then, try to design an environment that is best suited to your style of working.

2. Practice Past Exam Papers

Practicing past exam papers is a great technique that you should include in your preparation season. There are a few reasons why exam papers are a great technique to use. Firstly, practicing exam papers is a great way to test your knowledge and recall. Secondly, practicing past exam papers helps you to get familiar with the format. This means that your brain can get used to working in a particular exam style. Lastly, practicing timed exam papers regularly helps you become accustomed to taking exams. This means that on the day you sit your test, the prospect of sitting down and doing a timed exam will be far less intimidating.

3. Get Study Support

The exam preparation can be very difficult and isolating, which can have very damaging effects on a student’s mental health. Luckily, you are going through the exam season in the digital age, which means that there is a support source available to you.

If you are struggling to focus on your studies, create a schedule, or access support, you should consider using Magoosh. There are many tailored programs for different exams that cater to a range of different learning styles. In addition, if you buy now, you can save money by using a discount code.

4. Remember to Take Breaks

It can be easy for students to think that they need to study every available hour of the day, but this, in reality, can be counterproductive. For about twenty minutes, taking a short break will give your brain a rest that it needs to stay alert and focused. Unfortunately, many students can find taking a break difficult, as it can all too easily turn into a five-hour Netflix marathon. To prevent this from happening, you should be mindful of what you do during your break. Consider doing something a bit active like going for a walk or cooking. You could even do a crossword puzzle or quiz. The key is to do something that activates a different part of your brain than the one used in your studies.

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