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Susanna Baumann is an American actress and television personality. She is the wife of NFL legend Cris Carter. She was married to David Baumann for twelve seasons. She has been a make-up artist and a model for many years. After the marriage, she gained media attention. She is 163 cm tall and weighs 55 kilograms. Her features are slender. She has wide brown eyes and long brown hair. She has a 35-27-36-inch waist measurement.

Despite being married to a football player, she was already a successful TV host. She worked for ESPN for five years and accompanied the team to the Super Bowl. This gave her the opportunity to travel all over the world, and she was eventually crowned the most beautiful actress in the world. Her fame came from her marriage with NFL star Cris Carter. She was born in the United States and has American citizenship. She has a dark hair and brown eyes.

Susanna Baumann’s family background is unknown. She married Cris Carter in 1998 and worked for his show Gradually. The two have since married secretly. Before that, she married David Baumann many years ago and used his surname. They did not have any children, and the marriage made her famous. She works as a makeup artist for Cris Carter’s television show. She has been dating Christopher Darin Carter for the past year and has been rumored to marry him since 2018.

After a decade of working together, Susanna Baumann married her longtime boyfriend, Cris Carter. They met at a wedding event for the NFL Countdown on ESPN. They were married for five years and are now happily married. They also have a daughter, Duron. And he is her first love. You can see more of him on her Instagram account. But you must be careful if you want to make a new husband.

Susanna Baumann’s net worth is unknown, but the actress is known to be married to Chris Berman and has two children. She is also a mother to her three sons, Duron and Montreal. The couple has no children of their own. In addition to being a successful makeup artist, she is also a wife. There are no secrets about her life. In spite of her fame, Susanna Baumann is still a woman to watch.

After a long-distance relationship with Chris Berman, Susanna Baumann married Cris Carter in March 2018. The two met on the set of an ESPN game. Both of them were married to their former partners before – Dave Baumann and Melanie Carter. But, the two were divorced before they got married. But despite the divorce, they did not have any children. The marriage between the two is not confirmed yet.

While she has two children with Carter, Susanna Baumann’s husband, Cris, has a son by another man. They had been secretly married for six years and had no children. It is unknown how they met, but it’s possible that she was married to someone else before the marriage. If this was the case, they had children together, but the relationship ended, the husband is not yet married. Despite the fact that she was previously married to Carter, the couple never got married.

While working at ESPN, Susanna Baumann met her husband, Cris Carter. Although they were married for many years, the two were not officially married in 2016. She previously married Butch Carter, a former basketball player. Their relationship ended in 2014 and they were divorced in 2017. However, the two did not have children and are still living apart. During the time that they were married, they remained secretly married.

The first wife of the two is Melanie Carter. The couple has two children together. In 2013, the couple married. The couple has two grown-up sons, who are now married to other people. In 2016, they separated. The divorce was final and the two were divorced in 2015. After the marriage, she was fired from her job at ESPN. She later married Carter, and the two have a daughter, a son, and a daughter.

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