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It is believed that Taye Diggs net worth has about $7 million in his possession. Taye is a well-known actor who also choreographs dance routines, dances, and produces films. He is a black person from Africa and was born on January 2nd, 1971 with the name Scott Leo. He is well-known for his important roles in the Broadway musical Rent, the TV show Private Practice, and the film How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Taye Diggs Early Life

Taye Diggs net worth grew up in New York with his mom and stepdad. They didn’t have a lot of money, but they were average middle-class. Taye Diggs always wanted to be an actor and show his talent in the Fine Arts field. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University in 1993.

After finishing college, Taye Diggs didn’t have a lot of money and started working to begin his career and make money.

Taye Diggs Career

Taye Diggs net worth began acting in Broadway in 1994 in a musical named “Carousel. ” This play received five special awards and helped Diggs become well-known. During this time, he made money by working as a dancer at Tokyo Disneyland and used it to pay his bills. Diggs became well-known when he got a big part in the famous musical “Rent. ” While acting in the play, he met his future wife Idina. They later acted together again in a smaller play called “The Wild Party. “

Since Taye Diggs net worth became successful in theater, it was easy for him to find acting opportunities. He began performing in Broadway shows like “Chicago” and “Wicked. “By this time, Diggs found it easy to start acting in movies and TV shows.He began by appearing on a popular TV show called “Guiding Light. Shortly after that, he began acting in movies and made his first appearance in a film called “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” in 1998.Diggs had a busy year in the following year. He was in movies like “Go,” “The Wood,” and “The Best Man. ” He finished off 1999 by appearing in the remake of “House on Haunted Hill. “

Later on, Taye Diggs showed up in an episode of “America’s Next Top Model” where he helped the contestants with a challenge about acting. Afterwards, he got a job as a lawyer in the TV show “Ally McBeal. ” He also got the job of being the leader of a band in the movie version of “Chicago” in 2002. That year, he had a great role in the science fiction movie “Equilibrium” with Christian Bale. During this time, Diggs was on the show “Punk’d” without knowing and also acted as Will’s love interest in the series “Will & Grace. “

Taye Diggs Success

In 2004, Taye Diggs net worth started his own TV show called “Kevin Hill. ” The show was about legal issues and got good reviews in its first season. However, it didn’t get renewed for a second season. In 2005, he got the chance to act as Benny once again in the movie adaptation of “Rent. ” Although he began to concentrate more on acting in movies and TV shows, Taye still continued to perform in numerous Broadway shows throughout his career.including a notable role in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Diggs has made music for the soundtracks of many of the plays he has been in on Broadway.

In 2007, he got a main part in a TV series called “Private Practice,” which was based on the show “Grey’s Anatomy. ” The series did well and lasted until 2013. In the next few days, Diggs appeared on the TV show “The West Wing” and on episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy. ” ” He moreover featured in a motion picture based on the comedian “Dylan Canine: Dead of Night. ” In 2017, Taye had a small role in the film “‘Til Death Do Us Part. “

Taye Diggs net worth won a big award for his role in “Between Us” at a film festival in the Bahamas. From 2014 to 2016, Diggs was a big part of the show “Murder in the First. ” Besides that, he was on reality TV shows like “Lip Sync Battle” and “Hypnotize Me. “” He too did voice work in motion pictures like “My Small Horse: The Motion picture. ” Additionally, Taye Diggs has written three books for kids.

Taye Diggs Awards and Honors

In 2005, Taye Diggs net worth won an award for being an excellent actor in a TV show called “Kevin Hill. “

In 2014, the Acapulco Black Film Festival awarded Taye Diggs with the Hollywood Award for Best Ensemble Cast for his role in the movie “The Best Man Holiday”.

In 2003, Taye Diggs won the Critics Choice Award for Best Acting Ensemble in the movie “Chicago”.

In 2003, Taye Diggs net worth won an award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. He was recognized for his excellent performance in a movie called “Chicago”. The award was specifically for the entire cast of the movie.

In 2003, the Chicago International Film Festival gave an award called the Excellence in Filmmaking Award.

Taye Diggs Personal Life Relationships and Marriage

Taye Diggs Net Worth

Taye Diggs net worth and actress Idina Menzel got married in 2003, but they divorced in 2014. They first met while working on the movie “Rent. ” They have a son together. After Taye’s marriage ended, he started dating a famous person from the show Love and Hip Hop named Apryl Jones.

Even though divorce is hard, Taye and Idina have been able to have a good relationship as co-parents for their son. They share custody of their son, and neither of them gives money to the other or gets money from the other because of the divorce.

Taye Diggs Physical Appearance

Taye Diggs net worth is a young, attractive, intelligent, and stylish man with a charming and impressive personality. He has a good-looking body with impressive measurements and a typical body shape.

He is around 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 63 kilograms. He has short and stylish hair that is either blonde or a very dark black color. He also has stunning eyes that are a blistering brown color, which are very beautiful and captivating.

Diggs Owns Real Estate and Property

Taye Diggs net worth has made a lot of money from the buildings and land that he owns because of his job as an actor. He made more than $500,000 in profit from selling his 5,000-square-foot apartment in Studio City after he got divorced.

This house was shown on TV and has become very popular in a neighborhood called Studio City because it has many special things inside. The house had more than five bedrooms, and the new owners made a video to show off the different parts of the house.

Right now, Taye Diggs is living in a fancy house in Newark, New Jersey as his main home. His son sometimes lives there with him.

This house is privately owned and located in one of the safest and most luxurious neighborhoods in Newark. It is believed to be worth a little more than $3 million.

Taye Diggs doesn’t usually drive in public, but he does own a few fancy cars, like Mercedes.

We don’t know how many cars he has in his collection. He has gotten into a few car accidents while driving Mercedes cars and also rents luxury cars when he travels.


Taye Diggs net worth has done really well in many different types of entertainment. He has around $7 million in total money that he earned from acting in movies and TV, performing well on Broadway, having a successful singing job, getting sponsored by companies, and investing in real estate.

It’s not surprising that Taye Diggs is highly desired in Hollywood. He was even nominated for a Tony Award for his role in Rent.

Taye has a lot of money and seems like he will be very successful in the industry for many years.

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