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Tips and Tricks to Buy Electronics Online Below Retail Price

Getting a good deal can feel impossible sometimes. But, if you have tricks of shopping online for cheap electronics, you can get some fantastic deals that you’ve never imagined below retail prices.

Remember, the first rule of online shopping is never to pay the total price. I mean, with all the coupon and price trackers (hi, Droplist!), frequent sales, and membership programs, there’s no reason you should be paying the retail price for anything.

But mastering the art of buying electronics online below retail price isn’t just about digital coupon clipping or waiting for a significant sale. You need to know the right time to buy certain items, sign up for loyalty programs that offer more than spam, and even do a little work to get a significant price adjustment.

In this article, we’ll explain eight tips for buying electronic products online below retail price so that you can have an easier (and more enjoyable) shopping experience.

Tip One: Wait a few days after putting items in your cart

The truth is Internet follows your online shopping habits. How do you explain ads for gadgets popping up everywhere on most sites you visit after you Googled them or ads of a new phone as soon as you checked up its prices?

Try getting a discount by putting items in your cart and leaving them there. You’ll get a few reminder emails saying you left an item in your cart, and retailers might follow up with exclusive discount codes.

Tip Two: Sign up for everything

No one likes spam, but getting 10 or 15 % from your purchase just by putting in your email address may not seem bad. You’ll also be the first to receive information about sales, which can help you save much more money, in the long run, to make you be able to get the sales schedule and smartly time your purchases.

Keep your inbox from getting flooded with promo emails by setting up a separate email account. Try signing up for most loyalty programs too. You’ll be surprised by earning points for every money spent at the retailer, which you can use for perks, swag, and future discounts online.

Tip Three: Follow your favorite brands and influencers on social media for exclusive discounts

Social media influencers like Joy-Ann and Jake Tapper often announce product launches and sales on their social media platforms.

It’s also paramount to follow your favorite brands and influencers for updates; you can do this by sliding into their inbox to ask about coupons upcoming promos, to mention but a few. If many followers ask influencers about discount codes, it incentivizes them to reach out to brands for potential partnerships.

Tip Four: Get free shipping every time

If you’re tired of getting scammed for free shipping, try Shop Runner. Its $79 annual fee is reasonable for free two-day shipping with no minimum at hundreds of nationwide retailers.

Many retailers are also giving free shipping to a physical store for pick-up. It’s beneficial when buying bulky electronics accessories so you can check them immediately and return or exchange them as needed without requiring a trip to the post office.

Tip Five: Shop on suitable days

The Internet is open for business, so you can shop whenever you want, but sales and promotions often drop Wednesdays through Fridays, which is for weekdays. Still, there are seasonal days that you’ll be sure electronics products prices will fall.

These days include Easter seasons, Black Friday, Back to school, and Christmas times. So time your shopping if you can to get electronics products below the retail price.

Tip Six: Buy refurbished or open-box tech

New electronics are always great, but they come at a premium. If you want to save on the latest Samsung phone or headphones, try refurbished or open-box items instead of entirely new ones.

Refurbished phones mean the phones which have been inspected and restored to factory settings. At the same time, an open box refers to an item opened and returned, which retailers can’t sell as new but in good condition. Open-box is slightly cheaper than new items and a great deal nonetheless.

Apple and Samsung have their refurbished programs with one-year warranties for most phones. In contrast, big-box retailers have extensive refurbished, used, and open-box tech items.

All items are inspected to ensure their quality is still sounding and has comprehensive product descriptions that you won’t feel like you’re buying a used item.

Tip Seven: Buy electronics when a new or rival product launches

Time them with product drops for significant savings if you want new electronics. When retailers and warehouses need to clear inventory for new launches, they’ll lower prices on previous models or products from a top competitor.

So when Nikon releases a new camera, scoop up the Sony camera you’ve been eyeing for your next trip.

Tip Eight: Prices ending in 7, 8, or 1 mean its clearance – a perfect haggling opportunity

Most large electrical shops use price codes to communicate to staff which gadgets to shift quickly to make room for new stock.

According to shop staff, we asked and forums with inside knowledge, we were told that most keys to these codes are in the last digit of a price. As most prices end in 9 (or 0), if one ends in 7 or 8 (e.g., £19.97, £109.98, etc.), usually the model is clearance or end-of-line.

If you suspect clearance stock, it’s the right time to buy, and you’ll be surprised by the prices. Information has it that staff sometimes earn a higher commission on this end-of-line stock. Also, take caution if you ask for help and are steered towards some of this out-of-date stock; sometimes, they may be faulty.

Final thoughts.

Buying electronic products online is easy, convenient, and far less expensive than traveling to a store at the mall. By following these eight tips and tricks, you’ll be able to find and buy electronic products most easily and affordable.

Still to consider, if you’re searching online for electronics at a price below retail without spending a ton of money in the process, checkout Auctionwin here. It’s among the most reputable online vendors selling electronics below retail price.

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