Tips for Choosing a Senior Housing for Your Loved One

Are you helping your loved ones settle in a community where they can live a fun, wholesome life and make meaningful friendships while at it? Then these pointers are what you should look out for before choosing perfect senior living homes for your loved ones.

Making any life-changing decision can be pretty overwhelming. As with deciding, choosing, and finally moving your loved ones to a retirement residence will seem intimidating yet fulfilling. It’s an excellent chance to offer them an engaging and active social lifestyle.

Seasons Retirement understands how challenging it can be to get the right retirement home that’s best suited for your loved one.

Hence, they have come up with these tips to help you make an informed decision that guarantees a comfortable, fun-filled, and wholesome living in a retired housing. Also, you can click here for more information on housing guides. Before we proceed with the tips, it’s vital to understand the different types of retirement residence options available. Let’s begin.

Selecting the appropriate type of community

Firstly, it’s noteworthy to mention that depending on the needs of your loved ones; there are different types of retirement residences. Ensure that the community provides the right amount of independence, care, and attention so that your loved ones can enjoy a healthy and happy retirement.

These community types include:

1. Independent living communities

This community is suitable for older adults who are active, social, and independent. It’s an arrangement that allows them to connect, interact, and engage in several recreational activities that serve their interest. Independent living communities are designed as housing for older people to live among like-minded peers. Also, they get to enjoy several amenities and the privacy of their homes.

They ensure that older people get the break they deserve. It waives the worry of daily chores and hassles off them and enables them to live their retirement to the fullest. Another plus is the availability of on-site staff that offers help and assistance when needed.

2. Assisted living communities

This community is suitable for older adults who can afford independence but may require some support. Consider assisted living communities if your loved ones are active and have a record of mental wellness but may require other regular services like dietary needs, help with social activities, or daily chores such as using the toilet, bathing, or taking medications.

Assisted living affords older people their independent lifestyle while rendering help where and when necessary.

3. Memory care communities

This community caters to older adults who require a safe environment, special care, and constant supervision. Having loved ones who are dealing with memory loss can be difficult. Thus, memory care communities are designed to serve this category of older people. It provides a safe and healthy environment tailored to reduce stress and improve their quality of life.

Unlike assisted living communities that do not require on-site nursing care, memory care communities are equipped with 24/7 trained on-site staff. As a result, older adults in these retirement homes can still partake in mild activities to stimulate them mentally.

Tips to Consider before Choosing a Retirement Residence

Retirement for older adults should be about relaxing and living a wholesome, fun life. You can ask some relevant questions before choosing a senior housing for your loved one.

Before you proceed, check the following before deciding on a good retirement residence:

1. Available amenities and services

Living in a retirement community affords older adults the access to explore and enjoy various amenities that may not be easily accessible while living at home.  A good retirement home should offer its residents amenities to socialize like game and art rooms, salon and spas, fitness centers, pools, libraries and green spaces, etc.

Scheduled outdoor activities in warmer climates refresh older people keeping them happier and healthier. Thus, a good retirement home should have a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, walking paths, gardening, and so on.

2. Cost and rates

Cost is an essential factor to consider when choosing a retirement residence. It’s good to know the initial cost and additional rates for amenities you may want your loved one to enjoy.

So, choose a senior housing that’s pocket-friendly for you.

3. Fitness and wellness center

Older adults require regular wellness and exercise options to keep them active and going.  The right retirement community should have such provisions as training classes, yoga, etc., to keep your loved one agile and ensure a healthy lifestyle.

4. Food and nutrition

Food is vital for healthy living. Ensure you choose a retirement community that offers your loved ones access to varieties of tasty, well-balanced, and well-presented meals to their liking.

5. Security and safety

You’d want to be assured that your loved ones are in safe and capable hands. You can inquire about the residence before deciding whether they are licensed and if they follow the government’s guidelines.

Select senior living homes with good security, safety, and professional history.

6. Family-oriented

Be sure that the residence you choose will welcome you when you decide to visit your loved ones in their retirement community. Make sure they aren’t one of those communities that disallow family visits before deciding.

7. Pets

Each Retirement community has its pet policies. If your loved ones are pet lovers, you should consider a retirement residence with lenient pet policies.

8. Cleanliness and maintenance

A good retirement community must be highly maintained and spotless. Older people require germ-free retired housing to actively relax without the fear of catching a virus or tripping unnecessarily. Thus, a clean retirement home makes a massive difference to its residents.

9. Management and Staff

Any residence is as good as the management since your peace of mind depends on how good the staff is in catering to your beloved.  So, check the staff’s attitude, interactions, and mannerisms with the residents. Also, it’s equally important to note the accessibility, openness, and tone of the directors to you or your family members.

Also, note whether the management abides by the government rules guiding retirement homes. Another advantage is if the community offers continuous training and education to its staff.


Retirement for older adults is such a milestone in their lives that they should enjoy and explore away from the task of toiling and taking care of their families. Be confident that the senior housing you choose offers the best combination of activities, amenities, and services for your loved ones that would enable them to enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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