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Top 3 Tips For Moving House

It’s often said that moving house can be one of the most stressful things you do in your life, and it’s clear why.

Your home is likely a very important place to you, with so many things in it that hold such value. So, when you need to uproot all of that and have it shipped somewhere new, it can feel quite intense, no matter how excited you might be for the move.

Here are just a few tips to make the whole process a little easier.


1. Start early

With moving and lots of other things in life, it’s very easy to sit in the belief that you have much more time than you do. Before you know it, the moving date is on you, and you have to pack a whole house’s worth of belongings in a short time.

However, when you start early, you are really giving your future self a helping hand. Getting a head start on packing doesn’t mean sleeping on the floor for the next few weeks because your bed is packed away; it is more about getting the small things packed and ready to go. 

By doing this, you just have to focus on packing the big stuff on moving day, as all your non-essentials are already boxed up and ready to go.


2. Take extra care

Whether you’re moving by yourself, with just the help of friends and family, or have hired someone, it’s so important to take extra care when moving, as you really don’t want your possessions to break. Generally, the best practice is to work with reliable moving companies to get your belongings moved safely.

While the odd glass or two might not make the journey, having a precious item broken during a move, especially if it was someone else’s fault, can be really heart-breaking. No one wants to enter their new home feeling disappointed.

Taking extra care with very sentimental items like urns can give you the peace of mind that they will arrive at the new place safely.


3. Get the WIFI sorted as soon as possible

Whether you work from home and rely on a good internet connection or, like many, simply live in the modern world and don’t want to be disconnected for a long period of time, getting the WIFI sorted in your new house is a priority.

It’s natural not to think about what you’re going to do in your new place until the moving is done and dealt with. However, by simply booking someone to come and set up your new internet connection in advance, you won’t be without WIFI for days or even weeks while you wait. 

Getting it booked in on the day you move or the day after is just one more job on your to-do list that is out of the way.

Moving to a new home, depending on the circumstances, can be a very exciting time. It can also cause a lot of stress, so any way that you can make it easier on yourself will make the process go a lot smoother.


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