What Does a Memorial Tree Symbolise?

How you come into this world is not in your hands. However, you can decide how you want to continue your legacy long after our death. Planning for your death is an important moment in your life.

While making your end-of-life plans, you might come across terms like “memorial tree” or “remembrance tree”. If you want something different from traditional burial, there is a greener and more lasting solution.

What are Memorial Trees?

Our mortality is something that we do not want to confront until it’s too late. While you pass on, your family members are left to decide on your end-of-life plans when they should be grieving. This is where memorial trees come into play.

These trees are planted in someone’s memory after they have passed away. Choosing to be a tree after death is a peaceful and eco-friendly way to leave behind your legacy. These memorial trees symbolise life and can be personalised for the family members and friends to feel close to the person who passed away.

Memorial trees grow in protected botanical gardens that cannot be logged or developed in future. So, your memorial tree will be safe in a place where your friends and family can come to visit you.

What Does Memorial Trees Symbolise?

Memorial trees carry different symbols and emotions for people.

  • Memorial trees symbolise life and rebirth: When your ash is treated and infused with the soil for a tree to grow, your family members will have tangible proof of life to see and touch. A memorial tree is something that the current and future generations will be able to see and enjoy.
  • Many consider it a symbol of rebirth when a tree grows on the soil organically infused with your ash. This thought can bring comfort to your family and friends left behind.
  • Your loved ones can sit under your memorial tree and reflect on all the good times with you. It is a peaceful and quiet place to sit down and remember their loved ones. Occasionally, many people set up permanent sitting areas beside the trees to come and have their lunch or morning coffee. It is like paying homage to a daily routine that they hold onto even after the loved one has passed away.
  • You will be giving back a lot to mother nature if you decide to be a tree after death. Memorial trees are pretty beneficial for the environment. Properly treated ash restores soil biology, helps grow a tree that inadvertently cuts down carbon emissions, prevents soil erosion, and serves as a food source and habitat for wildlife.

Why Choose a Memorial Tree As Your Resting Place?

Memorial trees are a beautiful way to pay tribute. It is a living reminder of how unique the person is even after death. There are several reasons to choose a remembrance forest as your resting place.

  • If you choose to pre-plant trees while you are alive, you can get peace of mind knowing where you will go after death. You will also be able to see the tree you choose as your resting place grow and flourish infront of your eyes.
  • According to the Moneysmart website by the Australian government, an average cremation costs around $4,000, with an elaborate burial costing around $15,000. Pre-planning burial or cremation with a memorial tree will be significantly cheaper and take the financial burden off your family’s head.
  • The lock-in rate of a memorial tree funeral is not affected by inflation or external factors. You can easily divide the total cost into easy instalments to be paid over time.
  • You can also choose the trees to plant in memory of someone with many different options available.
  • Lastly, we can be at peace with nature, knowing that you are not only contributing to mother Earth but also providing a place for your loved ones to visit and remember you.

Planning your funeral does not necessarily have to be a morbid task. Choosing a memory tree as your burial ground will not only take the darkness away but, in time, will also help your loved ones cope with their loss.

A memorial tree as your burial ground removes the darkness associated with death and makes it look like the start of a new journey. It will also help your family members get the closure they need to move on with their lives.

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