Why Recognition is Important?

Appreciation or recognition of any sort makes a person feel really happy and valued. When someone gets appreciated for a good job or a nice achievement, it makes them want to keep up with the good work. A little bit of appreciation can go a long way in terms of making people feel validated and content. It’s even more important when it comes to appreciating the employees of a company or an organization.

Providing recognition to the employees of a company can create a strong impact on the workforce, and build a strong company culture. If employees are appreciated and recognized for their hard work and efforts, and their positive behaviors and achievements are highlighted properly while providing them with recognition, it creates a healthy and robust work environment. As an employee feels highly valued and appreciated when they are provided with recognition for their contributions and good performance, it enhances their morale and satisfaction level a lot.

Employees also get highly motivated to keep doing a better job at the workplace if they get proper recognition. Their productivity level gets enhanced, so they keep putting on a good performance and keep bringing in better results for the company. Most importantly, they get highly engaged with their work and the workplace. Also, if the employee morale and engagement rates are high, it helps the company to retain its best employees. So, the employee retention rate also increases. The company enjoys massive success and growth in return for these.

Let’s have a look at why employee recognition is so important in current workplace cultures-

Employee Engagement

Of all the aspects of employee experience at a workplace, nothing bears more importance than employee engagement. An engaged workforce is paramount for the success of a company. And the fastest way to get a hold of an engaged workforce is to provide employees with the recognition they deserve for their hard work, efforts, and good performance. When the employees of a company are engaged, they feel highly driven to do a good job for the company. They form a good bond with their employees, and the workplace starts radiating positive energy.

If a company possesses a high-rated culture of recognition, they are twice as likely to experience enhanced employee engagement as the ones without a proper culture of employee recognition. The more frequently recognition is provided to the employees, the more impact it creates on the employee engagement rate.

Work Environment and Workplace Culture

When employees feel unappreciated and overworked, they tend to leave their jobs and look for better opportunities. When employees don’t get the recognition they deserve, it lowers their morale. It also lowers their motivation and productivity level. Since they don’t feel much engaged with their work, colleagues, and the workplace, a negative energy keeps flowing throughout the work environment. It leads to errors in work, problems between colleagues, and the inability to achieve the desired results.

If proper recognition is provided to employees, everything will get reversed. The work environment will highly improve in the workplace, and as a result, employees will be able to work more flawlessly, put on better performance, and start bringing in better results for the company.

Also, through employee recognition, a company can promote certain cultures and behaviors at the workplace. A company can implement certain unique values at the workplace and encourage its employees to live by them through implementing a proper employee recognition program.

Employee Satisfaction and Morale

If employees get recognized for their achievements, good performance, and efforts, it highly enhances their satisfaction level. When employees are satisfied and happy with their work and the workplace, it leads to fewer errors in their work, and they can showcase a better performance at the workplace. Employee morale is really important for the success of a company, as without boosted morale, employees tend to not give their all in their work. When the collective morale is high at a workplace, the employees feel motivated to keep doing a better job at their workplace, and in return, the company enjoys massive growth and success.

Employee Productivity

The rate of employee productivity is directly proportional to employee engagement, morale, and satisfaction. If employees get properly recognized for their efforts, their morale and engagement level gets increased. As a result, they feel highly motivated to keep up with the good work and bring in even better results for the company. So, it increases their productivity level by a lot. When the employees of a company get more productive, the success and the growth of the company become inevitable.

Employee Retention

When employees get recognition properly for all their contributions, hard work, and achievements, they feel highly valued and appreciated. They feel happy to work at the company, and feel driven to keep up with the good work. It also makes them want to keep working for the company for a long period of time. Around 91% of employees feel that a strong employee recognition culture makes them want to keep working for a company. As employees feel more inclined to keep working for the company, it will become easier for a company with a proper recognition culture to retain their best talents. As a result, the employee recognition rate will highly increase. In fact, companies that value employee recognition is likely to experience a three times higher employee retention rate than the ones that don’t.

Final Words

Employee recognition is something that can’t be ignored at all for the sake of the success and growth of a company. Employees are the foundation and driving force of any company, and keeping them happy and satisfied is more than important for the betterment of it. If the employees have high morale, engagement, and motivation level, they will tend to work harder for the company and bring in better results. It will also help the company maintain a positive atmosphere at the workplace. They will also be able to hold on to their best employees easily. All these will lead to massive growth and success for the company. Providing perks like bonuses, salary increases, or awards for employees who perform well are great concrete ways to make them feel valued and recognized. Personalized gifts are also an excellent choice, as they are unique and can be made especially for a specific employee. While plaques and certificates can be nice, items that they can use at work may be more practical. Consider getting any of these luxurious pens from Jotted Line, which are customizable with engravings, like names, initials, or the company logo. Through meaningful gestures like these, companies can build a stronger working relationship with their employees, benefiting both sides.

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