What is Ya Tu Sabes?

The phrase “Ya tu sabes” means “you know how I feel.” It’s commonly used in Spanish songs, and is a simple way to say, “You know how I feel right now.” However, this word can also mean something completely different. When used before the verb, it sounds a bit strange. The best way to learn the correct pronunciation of this phrase is by listening to a Spanish song .

Sophisticated also means “knowing how to do X.” In Dominican slang, savvy can refer to something practical like knowing how to play basketball. It can also refer to someone’s understanding of politics or voting habits. Whether someone is smart or not, savvy can make or break a person’s day. It is the perfect way to spend some time with family.

Ya Tu Sabes is a popular app for children and adults. The game uses familiar rules to teach young people the correct pronunciation. It can be played on smartphones, tablets, and computers, and is designed for the whole family. It also offers a great diversion for the whole family. With 20 categories to choose from, it is a perfect choice for families on vacation.

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