10 Free Spy Apps for iPhone

Spy applications are well-known tools when it comes to monitoring the working of the other person. Spy applications are always considered instead of a personal detective as they are a secure and affordable way of tracking another person. We all know that only a few spy apps are available for iPhone devices.

iPhones are considered quite advanced but complex in the procedures as compared to Android devices. Due to the technical working and privacy policies of the iPhone, it becomes very difficult to hack and spy on iPhone devices. Yet there are some iPhone Spying tools considered reliable in their competitor’s list.

If you want to know different options that you can avail yourself of whenever you think of Spying on an iPhone device then we have a list for you. You can directly look at the top 10 spy apps we have listed specifically for iPhone devices.

1. Spylix

Spylix is a marvelous tool that is designed to provide a helping hand to users in any situation. Spylix works amazingly on iPhone devices hence you can easily enjoy 18 features on an iOS device without any restriction. The best feature available for an iOS device is that you can remotely monitor and control the entire device just with the help of iCloud credentials.


Spylix allows you to monitor the call details of the other person including its call duration and timings. Spylix checks conversational details on an iOS device including the deleted messages without any permission. If you want to track the working of your child, then Spylix allows you to track GPS location secretly.

Now Spylix allows you to track multiple devices with a single registration hence tracking different employees at a time is possible. You don’t need to indulge in the rooting or jailbreaking procedures as the entire work would be without them. It has a stealth mode in which you can secretly monitor all the details that the target person would never know about.

Other Features

Besides the prominent features of Spylix, some other features are also provided for the users. Let’s just look at the amazing features provided by Spylix:

  • Browser History Tracking: 

The other person’s entire browsing history, including the deleted ones, would also become visible to you.

  • Access to Settings: 

Now you can access the entire setting of the device including alarms, calendar, notepad, smart locks, etc.

Spylix Features

  • WiFi Blocking: 

Spylix also provides you with an opportunity through which you can easily block the Wi-Fi of the other person without notifying them.

  • Contacts Logs: 

You can also get the information of all the contacts present on the target person’s device, including frequently connected numbers.

  • Email Tracking: 

You are allowed to track the other person’s work, including the received and sent emails.


Spylix is the only tool that has amazing compatibility for Android as well as iOS devices. If you want to monitor an iOS device then the only thing that you need to do is to have the iCloud credentials of the other person. 

With the help of iCloud credentials you don’t need to even touch the target device, rather the entire information would be in front of you like a magical box. You need to follow the given procedure to get all the details of an iPhone:

Step 1: Sign In

You need to move towards the official website of Spylix and register for your free account.

Step 2: Enter iCloud Credentials

At that point, you need to enter the iCloud credentials to set up your official account.

Step 3: Start Spying

At last, you just need to access Spylix’s official website and start Spying on the target person without any restriction.

Spylix Features


Spylix is a paid tool and you need to pay a little fee for the subscription plan. If you are in search of a free tool then you must consider that free tools are mostly scams or leak your personal information to other parties. Spylix is secure and works like an affordable tool.

2. Webwatcher

Webwatcher is considered an amazing tool for an iOS device if you want to work without alerting a specific person. The advanced features with marvelous technology have helped people belonging to different fields by monitoring their specific person. Now you can extract entire data by a simple procedure.

This tool allows you to know even a single click with a straightforward login procedure. Now you can use this tool on Android, Mac, Chrome, and iOS devices with a web-based monitoring interface. You are allowed to monitor calls, messages, and social media working of the other person even with the facility of a free trial.


Most people don’t know the exact procedure to use Webwatcher. If you are also confused and want to know how to install Webwatcher? Then you need to follow the given procedure to use this tool:

Step 1:

First, you need to log in to the official website of Webwatcher and select the desired subscription plans according to budget.

Step 2:

After installing the software on the target device you need to wait for a little for the complete processing.

Step 3:

At last, you can easily monitor the entire working of the target device just by accessing the dashboard of this tool. 


You need to face bad customer support services along with the detection of this tool by an anti-virus application. If you are considering this tool then you need to remember that the premium version is quite expensive.

3. mSpy

mSpy is the best application for iPhone devices if you want to work without jailbreaking. This application allows you to check the deleted messages. Along with these incoming and outgoing calls and messages, history is also provided. You can track the live location of the corresponding person through the GPS location tracking tool of this application.


It has poor customer service as the officials never reply on time related to the queries of the users. There would be no refund payment procedures for the users.

4. iKeyMonitor

If you are looking for a free monitoring tool for iOS devices then you can avail this option. It is considered a powerful tool that has a user-friendly interface specifically for the parents. Now you can check the conversation and the call details of the target person present in the inbox or on social media accounts.


It is a good option for you if you are using an older version of the iPhone. It does not support the working of the latest iPhone as two-factor authentication is quite difficult to break by this tool.

5. uMobix

uMobix has the ability through which you can easily operate the camera and microphone of the target device. You can also enjoy a feature of blocking in which you can easily block all the desired websites or apps. The user is also allowed to track the location of the target person at any time.


It has a major drawback that it doesn’t support the free version. If you want to use this tool just to check its working and applications then you need to pay.

6. Spyera

Spyera can become an easy alternative to any spy application due to its versatile features and amazing functionalities. It provides the same monitoring features just similar to other most popular tools like Spylix. It has compatibility with Android as well as iOS devices.


You have to face a problem with this tool as only limited options are available for the payment. If you want to use this tool then you can pay the subscription fee through a debit card or credit card as no other option is available.

7. Mobistealth

You are allowed to check the call logs, GPS location, web history, and social media monitoring of the desired person. Mobistealth also provides you with an opportunity to access deleted files without any permission from the target person. In this way, you can hide spy on an iPhone without accessing the target device.


If you want to enjoy an application that will provide you with an immediate response then sorry this is not for you.

8. HIGHSTERmobile

HIGHSTERmobile is the best application to enjoy all of your desired monitoring features in one tool. You can follow a payment procedure of a one-time policy for the subscription fee payment. In this way, you can easily pay the application fee in a few months when you feel that it is worth buying.


This application is not free as you need to pay almost $30 even for a 30 minutes session. The interface of this tool is quite complex as compared to its other competitors.


XNSPY is a tool that allows its users to do the location monitoring of the other person without letting them know. It contains the most user-friendly and easy-to-use interface with marvelous features for iOS devices. Customer reviews are always positive about procedure and working.


Different customers do not like the customer service of this tool. The customer support services including the response time and wiping out the complaints are quite lacking in functionalities.

10. CocoSpy

The installation of CocoSpy is trouble-free with a straightforward procedure. You can easily enjoy the real-time update of all the information as it contains keystroke features. This is the only tool that provides a money-back guarantee of about two months.


Android devices are only allowed in the family plan. If you want to spy on an iOS device then you need to subscribe to other plans that are quite expensive.

Sum Up

You may have faced a situation where you have to track a device but can’t access an iPhone tracking spy app. This problem has been overcome by introducing a few spying apps available for iPhone that allows users to monitor a device without gaining access to it. All the above-discussed apps are highly recommended and considered best for their functionality.

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