11 Ways To Reduce Household Waste

From single-use products and plastic bags to excess packaging and food waste, you throw away lots of trash daily. 

So beyond recycling, what ways can you reduce the amount of household waste you and your family create?

Since we all want to live greener, here are 11 tips you can start doing today to reduce waste at home and make a more positive impact on the environment. 

Clothe Your Baby In Cloth Diapers

Disposable diapers are responsible for millions of tons of waste every year. 

So if you want to go greener and you have a baby, opt for reusable cloth diapers. 

There are many styles of cloth diapers, so it may take some time to figure out what works best for your family. Still, it’s worth it when you think of how many diapers you’re saving from a landfill.  

And you’ll be saving lots of money, too!

Use Reusable Paper Towels 

Swapping paper towels for reusable, washable rags is another easy way you can reduce your household waste and save some trees.  

You can cut up old t-shirts and blankets into paper towel-sized rectangles or even reuse them into smaller cloth napkins. Then, simply toss it into the wash when dirty.

However, if you prefer more slightly paper towels and napkins, check out Marley’s Monsters’ wide selection of fun prints. 

Try Washable Toilet Paper 

Ever tried reusable toilet paper? It definitely had an explosive moment during the pandemic! 

Jokes aside, try washable toilet paper when you go pee. This will save you money on costly, disposable toilet paper and give your septic system a break. 

When you’re done with the toiler paper, stash it in a zippered wet bag until it’s time to wash. 

In addition to reusable paper towels, Marley’s Monsters has fun patterned toilet paper and wet bags. 

Stock Up On Reusable Containers 

Those little plastic baggies are convenient but terrible for the environment. So instead of tossing out all that plastic every week, try reusable containers that’ll last much longer. 

Reusable containers and cloth grocery bags are perfect for packing dessert and bringing lunch leftovers to work.

 Swap single-use water bottles with reusable bottles.

Don’t forget reusable sealable bags that can also house your toiletries, clothes, and electronic device cords on vacation!

Rubbermaid, Stasher, and OXO make great eco-friendly options. 

Pick Non-Packaged Items 

Think of how much plastic your shampoo and conditioner bottles are housed in, or every time you toss away a tube of toothpaste. So many materials are thrown away and do not get recycled – or simply can’t. 

Luckily, more brands are making their own eco-friendly options with less or no packaging. 

You can try shampoo and conditioner bars, toothpaste tablets, powdered dish soap, and laundry detergent and say goodbye to all that plastic. 

Blueland, Etee, and Lush are great places to start. 


Composting is when you recycle natural plant materials into organic soil, like food scraps from last night’s veggie dinner. 

Composting is incredibly healthy for the environment because it converts what would go in the trash into healthy soil and mulch, which can be used to grow garden plants. 

And not only does compost keep more food out of the garbage, but it also minimizes the need for potentially harmful chemical fertilizers. Thus saving another disposable bottle from getting dumped in a landfill! 

Install A Water Filtration System 

You can also purchase a water filtration system, so you throw away fewer plastic water bottles or gallon jugs. They don’t cost too much energy to work, either. 

By installing a water filtration system in your home, you’ll reduce the carbon footprint companies make to get the water, bottle it up, and ship it to the store. 

Revitalize Leftovers 

Using food leftovers is a delicious way to reduce household waste, cut down your grocery bill, and minimize the amount of disposable packaging you’re bringing home. 

Plus, it’s easy to do once you start brainstorming ideas.

Try tossing leftover chicken into tacos or rice, or turn too many noodles into tasty baked pasta. 

Buy Secondhand 

Another way to reduce your household waste is to shop for secondhand clothes. Unfortunately, the fast-fashion options are lower quality since they’re made cheaper and thus are more likely to be thrown away. 

By picking up that new-to-you pair of trousers or t-shirt, you’re preventing more clothes from ending up in a landfill. 

Donate Or Sell

Donating your clothes instead of trashing them is another way to reduce household waste. 

You can also sell them to local thrifters, and thrift shops love to give old clothes new life. 

So go grab your old clothes bin and see what you can part with! 

Go Digital With Your Bills

So much needless paper is sent in the mail. One way you can slash the amount of trash you toss is by going digital with your bills. 

The next time you log into your account to pay a bill, see where you can select a paperless option. Many companies are switching to paperless billing because it saves so many trees from being needlessly cut down. 

By making these little adjustments to reduce household waste, you’ll be off to an eco-savvy start in no time. 

What do you do to reduce waste at home? Share below! 


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