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How to promote your freelance services with a low budget

What’s all the fuss about freelancing? If you’ve only ever worked for a company, you might not feel very confident about offering your skills on a self-employed basis. However, joining the community of over four million self-employed workers in the UK could bring unexpected, long-lasting perks.

When you’re only just starting out, it can be difficult to let people know about your work. In this guide, we’ll offer some advice to help you spread the news and attract exciting new clients.

Why do people work freelance?

More and more often, people are deciding to start freelance work because of the immense flexibility it brings. Some of the highlights of becoming your own boss include:

  • Self-management: You’ll be totally in charge: this means you decide on your workload, schedule, and what you wear. Crucially, you’ll also decide when to take time off.  
  • Flexible hours: Being in control of your own schedule means you’ll be able to tailor your working hours around your lifestyle. It’s easy to fit the school run seamlessly around work.  
  • Freedom: Freelancing also gives you the opportunity to be more selective around who you choose to work with. It’s up to you to build and maintain relationships, too.

What are the best ways to promote freelance services?

Investing in a set of modern, eye-catching business cards means you’ll always have the ability to make an impression. Whether you’re out networking or in conversations with mutual friends, a business card containing your contact details and brand name will leave a useful aide-memoir.

  • Use social media

Setting up a business account on Instagram is one of the best ways to boost the reach of your business. Along with detailed insights into the performance of your account, you’ll be able to identify and capture your target audience, nearby and outside of your local area. Plus – it’s free!

  • Start a blog

Online presence should never be underestimated. Even if your blog doesn’t always focus on the services offered by your business, encouraging organic visitors to your site could also lead to an increase in online transactions.

  • Ask your clients for positive reviews online

Reviews are one of the most powerful, influential factors when a prospective customer is in the process of deciding who to give business to. Wherever possible, try to ask your clients for positive, detailed reviews.

  • Ask your friends and family for referrals 

Knowing the right people can make a huge impact when you’re only just starting out as a freelancer. Direct referrals almost guarantee early business, and it’s likely that your friends and family will be eager to help you, too.


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