10 Reasons We Need to Save the Rainforest

Tropical rainforests form an integral aspect of our planet. While we usually do our best to take care of our forests, sometimes we even forget why we do it. This post will help you understand why we need to save the rainforest.

This comes when industries and the agricultural sector are rapidly expanding, which often contributes to the disappearance of forests. Evidence from the Global Forest Watch indicates that we lost over 11 million hectares of tree cover in 2021 alone. Therefore, it’s worth knowing why it’s crucial to play a part in saving the rainforest.

Forests Help to Clean the Air

Most people enjoy taking long walks in forests simply because of the relaxing environment and the fresh air the trees provide. Usually, the air in the forest is cold and fresher than the city air. This happens because trees filter air. They clean the air in our environment by absorbing gasses such as ammonia and nitrogen oxide.

Trees in the rainforests also absorb most odors within the environment, leaving fresh air for natural habitats to enjoy. Trees help decrease pollution since they shade the ground, creating a cooling effect.

Rainforests Are Home to Millions of Species

Human beings have a role in ensuring that the animals around us have a place to live. We should take care of rainforests because it’s home to some of the animals we often love to see, like a sloth, jaguar, mountain gorilla, capybara, kinkajous, and agouti. What’s more, the warm and moist surrounding is an excellent place for amphibians and reptiles.

Can Help Improve Human Health and Wellbeing

Forests have direct and indirect benefits for our health and well-being. For instance, they provide ecosystem services, including clean water, food, medicinal plants, and more. Forests also contribute to human health by ensuring we live in environmentally friendly surroundings with improved air quality, reduced urban heat, and better thermal comfort.

Forests have direct physical effects. For instance, strolling in the forest can have positive mental benefits.

A Healthy Water Cycle

Rainforests help to pave the way for a healthier water cycle. When trees release water from their leaves through evapotranspiration, it enters the atmosphere before making its way to the rivers. The cycle continues as water moves into seas and oceans, influencing the overall climate.

Livelihoods for Billions of People

The natural resources obtained from rainforests support the livelihoods of billions of people around the globe. These forests are sources of water, food, medicine, and even shelter for some people.

Forests Take Time to Replace

Sure, you can replant forests, but it takes years for rainforests to grow. This makes it essential to safeguard these forests for the benefit of our current and future generations.

Home To Endangered Species

The more we allow rainforests to shrink, the higher the likelihood of many species going extinct. Some of these endangered rainforest species include the orangutan, the amazon river dolphin, the Bengal tiger, the Rio Branco antbird, and more.

Home to Undiscovered Plans

As we strive to save rainforests from benefiting animals, it’s also worth noting that these forests are home to undiscovered plants. Cutting down trees means we risk losing the diverse resources nature offers.

Forests Stabilize the Soil

Rainforests also help to prevent soil erosion. These forests’ plants help stabilize roots and prevent soil from being washed or blown away.

Forests Absorb Greenhouse Gasses

Finally, we should strive to save rainforests because trees absorb and store carbon dioxide and other gasses. This helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting down trees means carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, further contributing to increased climate change.

Generally, protecting rainforests is a huge investment that will benefit us now and in years to come. It’s a move that will also help our children and future generations.

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