10 Tips for Writing Great Ad Headlines

Most PPC advertisers know the importance of writing great ad headlines because they generate more clicks and improve the Quality Score. However, most of these headlines are boring without getting attention from the target audience. So, below are then tips for writing great ad headlines for every advertiser.

  1. Include Keywords

When you use the right keywords in your ads, the users assume that you can give them a relevant solution. Most users will type these keywords on Google to get results that can give them more information. So, when they don’t see the keyword on the headlines, they don’t know if they can get what they want.

The Importance of Broad Match Modified Keywords

The ads that include keywords in their copy tend to have a higher click-through rate, a higher quality score, and better rankings as a result of the previous metrics.


  1. Solve Problems

People buy products and services because they expect to solve their problems. While we can’t solve problems with the ad headlines alone, we can create the perception that if they click the ad, they will solve their problem.

Of course, the advertisers need to know their target audience before they mention a solution in anything. A part of this strategy is finding the customer problems, offering the solution with your products and landing page, and then writing the ad. Creating wrong expectations will produce negative results in the next steps.


  1. Include Numbers

Many headlines across the internet include numbers. You can find them on social media, YouTube, and search engines. Numbers make the headline very specific about the possible outcome or expectations of the target audience.

You can include different numbers in your ads. A simple option is to offer a discount and mention the percentage of the discount. Also, you can mention the price or days that the offer will be available. One number can be enough to improve the clicks on your headlines.


  1. Ask Questions

Questions make the target audience consider possible outcomes. These outcomes can create desire or stress, depending on if the question is positive or negative. In both cases, you can get more clicks if you make them think.

When you ask a question, the uses assume that you have the answer. The trick here is actually to have the answer and must be presented on the landing page. If you don’t answer the question, you will create frustration and will waste valuable traffic.


  1. Use Simple Language

When people search for information on the internet, they don’t like to get confused or have a hard time reading the content. The internet is supposed to make our lives easier, and this is why they use it. Advertisers must create an easy to understand copy with a clear message. Difficult words or complicated phrases cost money because they don’t motivate users to take action.

Another part of making the copy simple is to have proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Many people avoid grammar mistakes and can create confusion when they affect the meaning of an ad.


  1. Reach The Character Limit

Google Ads gives you 30 characters to write your ad headlines. Other PPC advertising programs have similar character limits. Your goal is to use all these characters to improve your ads’ chances to get more clicks.

You can use any of the tips of this list to add more words and characters. You can add keywords, numbers, mention some benefits, or turn the headline into a question. It is not hard to be creative with your headlines and figure out ways to improve them.


  1. Don’t Make False Promises

The internet is full of marketers, companies, and websites that make false promises about their products. If you create wrong expectations for your target audience, you may get some extra sales. However, this is not a strategy that creates happy and returning customers.

Most users will figure it out on the landing page that you make false claims with your ads. The results will be a high bounce rate and a low conversion rate. You can only build trust with the target audience is by being honest and providing a great product or service.


  1. Focus On Benefits

Instead of making false claims, it’s a better strategy to focus on your products’ benefits. The 30-word character limit is enough if you want to add at least one benefit to the headline. A benefit can be any advantage of your product. It can be an extra feature, a service that you offer better than your competitors, or a lower price.


  1. Use Fear To Your Advantage

Creating emotional responses with your ads can be a powerful way to get more traffic. Fear or doubt about a specific outcome can be a great motivator for your target audience. They want to solve problems because they fear what may happen if the problem remains.

The product or service will make sure that their fears will not come true. Again, you don’t want to create fake fears or manipulate your potential customers. However, it is ok to mention a negative outcome when it is a realistic scenario.


  1. Get Ideas From Your Competitors

You are not the advertiser in your niche. The chances that you have some strong competitors who know how to create great ad headlines. It does not cost anything to take a look at their ads for extra ideas.

In most cases, you want to check the ads at the top of the page because they get the most impressions. Getting ideas does not mean that you will steal their work. Your job is to create better headlines because just copying a few ads will not work anyway.



These ten tips for writing ad headlines already work for many digital marketers. You can improve your click-through rates by applying them in your own ads. When you make changes in your existing headlines, you must test them and check if you get better results. Then, you can repeat the process and keep writing better headlines.



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