2023 The Best Free PC Remote Control App

What is the best free remote computer access?

Looking for the best free PC remote control app? As the demand for remote work continues to skyrocket, having reliable software to connect to your desktop from anywhere is crucial. With a plethora of options available, you might be wondering which one is the best. Well, search no further because we’re about to introduce you to AnyViewer, the ultimate best free apps for controlling PC remotely.

2023 The Best Free PC Remote Control App

AnyViewer: The best free PC remote control app

AnyViewer is not your average software. It’s an all-in-one remote control software that offers a secure, flexible, and feature-rich remote desktop connection experience. Unlike other software, AnyViewer doesn’t require additional configuration like port forwarding or VPN, and it can be used from any location. With AnyViewer, you can take control of any PC remotely, giving you the freedom to work from wherever you please. So why is AnyViewer worth your attention? Let’s take a closer look at the outstanding benefits and features it offers:

The benefits of AnyViewer

Why AnyViewer is the best free remote control app PC? You will find the answer if you continue to read.

AnyViewer boasts a multitude of outstanding advantages:

  • Free. Yes, you read that right. AnyViewer offers a free version that surpasses most software available on the market in terms of features and functionality. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to enjoy remote desktop connections.
  • Ultra-high compatibility. No matter what device system you’re using, whether it’s Windows, iOS, or Android, AnyViewer has got you covered. This broad compatibility ensures a flexible and convenient remote desktop connection for all users.
  • Simple and intuitive interface. No need to go through a complicated learning process. AnyViewer provides a clean and user-friendly interface that allows you to establish remote desktop connections with ease.
  • Stable and high-speed connection. Thanks to its improved connection technology, AnyViewer automatically selects the best server connection for a seamless remote desktop experience. No matter your environment, you can connect quickly and efficiently.
  • Higher security. In addition to end-to-end encryption using strong 256-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithms, two-factor authentication has been added to protect your data. You can rest assured that your private information is safe and secure during remote desktop connections.

The features of AnyViewer

Additionally, AnyViewer offers a wide array of exceptional features:

  • One-click control. AnyViewer empowers users with unattended remote access through its convenient one-click control. All it takes is being logged into the same account on both devices, and you can seamlessly establish connections with one-click control. Furthermore, you gain the flexibility to execute remote device shutdowns and restarts, enhancing your control and convenience.
  • Remote sound. Throughout remote control sessions, AnyViewer excels in real-time sound synchronization from the remote device. This capability enhances the user experience, enabling quicker problem-solving and heightened work efficiency.
  • File transfer. AnyViewer provides robust support for file transfer during remote control sessions. Users can conveniently transfer up to 100 files simultaneously, a feature designed to save valuable time and enhance the overall efficiency of remote control tasks.
  • Text chat. AnyViewer offers users the capability to engage in real-time text-based communication with remote computers while conducting remote control sessions. This feature promotes collaborative problem-solving and enables instant communication, thereby significantly boosting productivity and response time.
  • Multi-session. AnyViewer not only enables the simultaneous control of two devices from a single computer but also affords the ability to view the screens of both remote devices concurrently. This eliminates the need for constant switching between screens, allowing you to address distinct issues on different devices simultaneously and thereby simplifying the process.
  • Mirror iPhone screen. AnyViewer supports mirroring iPhone screen to PCs. It increases the flexibility for users to connect and assist between different devices.

And that’s not all. AnyViewer has even more surprises in store for you. There’s a reason why it outperforms most software on the market. So don’t wait, give it a try and experience the seamless remote desktop connection it offers.

How to use AnyViewer

Now that you know why AnyViewer is worth using, let’s get started on how to use it:

Step 1. Download and install AnyViewer on both of your devices.

Step 2. Launch the AnyViewer and click on “Sign up” to create an account. Ensure that the account is the same across the two devices.

2023 The Best Free PC Remote Control App

Step 3. Once you’re logged in, your devices will be automatically connected under the same account.

2023 The Best Free PC Remote Control App

Step 4. Navigate to the “Device” section, choose the device you want to connect to and click on it. Select “One-click control” to initiate the unattended remote access.

2023 The Best Free PC Remote Control App

Tips: To unlock even more benefits, you can upgrade your account to a professional or enterprise plan:

  • Assign more devices to the same account for secure one-click remote connections.
  • Numerous devices can be controlled by one computer simultaneously.
  • Enjoy remote connection in Privacy Mode.
  • Take advantage of the limitless file transfers (1 TB per file).
  • Enjoy faster file transfer speeds.
  • For businesses to handle a lot of devices more effectively, create groups.


In conclusion, if you’re in need of the best free PC remote control app, look no further than AnyViewer. It offers a free version and is rich enough in features and permissions to meet the needs of different users, whether you are an individual or a business. With AnyViewer, you can enjoy an efficient, smooth, and secure remote desktop connection experience. So go ahead and try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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