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3 Examples of Healthcare Marketing Activities

In this modern age it is a fact that any healthcare organization needs to utilize healthcare marketing strategies fully and effectively. Healthcare marketing can be defined as a process of strategic outreach and communications that aim to bring in new healthcare service users, guide them through their individual healthcare journey, and keep them engaged with the healthcare system. Any healthcare provider, whether it is a dentist or a doctor, needs satisfied and well-informed service users to ensure the ongoing viability of the organization. In this article, three of the key ways in which a healthcare provider can use healthcare marketing will be discussed.

Website improvements

An effective healthcare marketing plan will include ensuring that the organization’s website is working at an optimal level. If service users find the site to be slow, unresponsive, or difficult to navigate, this will paint a negative and inefficient image of the healthcare provider from their perspective.

The information provided must be clear and easy to understand so that service users know exactly what to expect from their healthcare journey. In addition to these facts, the website must be designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

If you are a medical practice looking to take on new patients, you will struggle to increase your client base if search results place you many pages down the search engines rankings. A wide variety of factors improve ranking results, such as authoritative back links in articles and fast page-loading speeds with clear content. Any healthcare provider must ensure that their site is SEO ready to maximize its visibility online.

Hiring specialist marketing agencies

The complexity of modern marketing activities in healthcare is such that many organizations utilize and rely on specialist marketing agencies such as Eleven Marketing, who have in-depth knowledge and experience of incorporating high-quality marketing strategies into a healthcare businesses framework. Experienced and dedicated marketing professionals can ensure that the marketing messages delivered by a healthcare provider are clear, consistent, and suited to their target audiences.

Prioritizing service user feedback

Patient experience is a key component of any healthcare system’s feedback loops. Effective feedback from service users is a prime method of identifying opportunities for improved healthcare services, and allows organizations to adopt a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Service user feedback can be gained in a variety of ways in the healthcare sector: web-based online surveys can be completed by patients who have recently undertaken treatments or consultations; patient or service user panels can be set up to gain qualitative feedback on a broader range of topics; and follow-up calls can be made to patients to ensure that any procedures undertaken have been satisfactory. With these measures in place, a healthcare provider can keep modifying and improving many parts of the organization so that the patient journey is optimized. Service user feedback should therefore be seen as another integral part of any healthcare provider’s marketing activities. It should be viewed as an ongoing set of opportunities to learn and to improve.

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