Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients in 2022

What does corporate gifting mean?

Corporate gifting is a practice of creating contact or interaction with employees, clients or prospects through the use of a tangible or intangible gift. Corporate gift items could be food, an object, an experience or an eCard. Undoubtedly, receiving a gift is a remarkable experience for a person. It creates a sense of connection from the giver to the receiver. To secure a better relationship, companies and marketers have relied on corporate gifting for a long time already. In fact, giving corporate gifts to clients resulted in better ROI and satisfaction rate of clients. 

For clients, corporate gift-giving allows them to know that they are valued by the giver. It also does not impact the client alone. Even regular employees that receive gifts feel more valued than those who don’t. IN fact, a study shows that 57% of people claim that receiving a personalized gift makes them feel more valued. Receiving gifts, especially when they are top quality and very personalized, will create a feeling of being valued by the giver. It also creates a sense of connection and belonging to the team.  

Tips to Choose the Best Corporate Gifts

Tips to Choose the Best Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is one of the best ways to show appreciation to employees, customers, clients, partners and prospects in a business. A thoughtful gift, a personalized present or any practical gift undoubtedly makes people feel valued and recognized. So, make sure that you give your presents the best attention possible, so the gesture becomes a hundred percent effective. Below are some tips to consider when choosing the best corporate gift.

Personalize Your Gift – personalized gifts do not have to be expensive. Regardless of your budget, you can always make a gift appreciated by giving personalized touches to it. Try a handwritten note attached to the gift,handwritten thank you cards for small business or work on a letter inside the wrapper to surprise the person upon opening. Thank you cards are also a great way to show your appreciation for clients and employees

  • Personalize Your Gift – personalized gifts do not have to be expensive. Regardless of your budget, you can always make a gift appreciated by giving personalized touches to it. Try a handwritten note attached to the gift, or work on a letter inside the wrapper to surprise the person upon opening. 
  • Do Not Compromise in Quality – Being thrifty and making it all personalized with quality is hard, but it is possible. Gift giving does not have to be grand all the time. You just have to research well what to give in order to not compromise the quality of your presents. 
  • Avoid Promoting – while this may be hard and very tempting, try to avoid promoting your brand when gifting. Do not put your logo when handing out personalized notes, as it will miss the purpose of the gesture. 
  • Put Yourself in Your Recipients’ Shoes – If you try to research what your recipients would want to receive as a gift, then make it possible to find a gift exactly like that in reality. Make it something that reflects them, in order to really connect to your clients and prospects. 
  • Budget Wisely – In order not to mess with the allocated budget that you have, have an overall inventory of the gifts that you will be buying for your clients or prospects.  After finalizing your list, divide your budget according to the desired allocation for each recipient. This way, you avoid overspending when giving gifts. 

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Guaranteed To WOW Your Clients In 2022

Corporate gift giving will always be an effective tool to connect to your clients and make them feel valued, seen and appreciated. If you are convinced enough to start gift giving this year for your clients, try the below list for an effective means to connect and thank your clients. Below are the top ten unique gifts you can give to your clients that are surely affordable, easy to procure, effective and will surely be appreciated by the recipient. 

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Guaranteed To WOW Your Clients In 2022

  1. Unique Wine Glasses – We all know that wine is always a good idea when it comes to people’s favorites. Everyone loves it so why not look for the most unique wine glass you can find and give it to one of your wine-loving clients for a toast to a smoother partnership in the business. 
  2. A drink and cigar hamper – For the drink, choose a bottle of aged scotch or cognac that will delight even the most discerning palate. For cigars, Aging Room cigars, with their sophisticated flavor and aroma can be an excellent choice. You can even add dark chocolate paired with cognac, a glass, or a cigar cutter to complete the box. So whether you’re looking for a gift for a business associate or a VIP client, a drink and a cigar hamper is sure to impress.
  3. Professional Notebooks – in a world of gadgets that help us store information and make lists, writing down on a notebook or piece of paper is still one of the best means to store information. Plus, it reduces screen time for your eyes. So why not buy a decent piece of professional looking notebook to give to your clients. 
  4. Coffee Table Book – everyone loves to sit and drink coffee, while browsing a good coffee table book. This is a good idea! Buy a coffee table book, something that is interesting, to wow your clients and thank them in the same way. 
  5. Starbucks Gift Card – everyone on their busy day will always include a short trip to a local Starbucks branch to get their drink for the long day. So why not give some of your clients a consumable Starbucks gift card they can use the next time they go and visit a store while doing their errands? 
  6. Virtual Fitness Class eGift – if you have a health-conscious client who always talks about working out and staying fit, it might be the best timing to give that client a virtual fitness class eGift. He can surely use it sometime in the future and in return, he will have more time to discuss with you his fitness class experience. 
  7. Baked Goods – who would say no to baked goodies that are so delicious and sumptuous? Aside from wowing your clients when you give them these treats, you also help support small businesses and home-made entrepreneurs when you purchase their products. Make sure you know someone who bakes good!
  8. Wireless Speaker – a good wireless speaker is a need nowadays. Try different designs that suit your client’s personality. A lot of good speakers are now cheaper and more affordable, and very compact to be easily carried everywhere. 
  9. Personalized Socks – a pair of personalized socks is always a good and very warm gift-giving idea to take. Make sure you know your client’s favorite color so you don’t get it wrong when you contact the merchant or supplier of the gift. 
  10. Coffee Beans – a coffee-lover client always appreciates coffee beans as a gift. Make sure you buy something that’s of good quality and with good reviews. Make your client’s day extra refreshing by giving them a bag of quality coffee beans. 

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