5 Reasons Why Good Web Design Is Important

If you think that website design is something secondary and does not deserve special attention during development, then try a simple test: think about the topic you need information on, google it, and click on the result that indicates the answers you are looking for. How quickly will you find the information on this site? Is it clear how to navigate this site and how you can move to another section?

In an era where a digital presence frequently serves as the initial interaction between businesses and prospective clients, securing proficient web design services is undeniably crucial. Take Eversite’s expert web design solutions as an example, seamlessly blending aesthetic allure with optimal functionality, ensuring every visitor not only stays but also navigates with effortless ease, leading to potential conversions. Therefore, a meticulously designed website, embedded with expert solutions, silently yet potently serves as your ambassador in the virtual world, effortlessly drawing clients closer to your services and products through an engaging and efficient pathway.

Why Website Design Is Important: Top 5 Reasons

1.Increasing Profits.

Every business is aimed at making a profit. In fact, profitability is the measure of its success. This is the importance of website design. Investing in thoughtful user web design can give you a significant return on investment (ROI). Just look at one vivid example that proves it.

Example: One website design company changed just one button that added $300 million in annual revenue. The “Register” button, which required users to create an account to checkout, was replaced with a “Continue” button. Thus, users were given the right to buy products in this online store without registration and the right to register if they wish to simplify future purchases.

This small change significantly improved the user experience and proved the importance of web design. As a result, bounce rates and abandoned carts dropped and sales increased by 45%, generating $15 million in revenue within the first month. For the first year, the revenue increase was $300 million.

2.Good Web Design Makes A Good Impression On The Business

For first impressions, there are no second chances. This rule still applies in the business world and the digital world.

It only takes 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about the website. In that short amount of time, users form their perception of the company’s website and then decide whether to stay or leave. You have 50 milliseconds to get their attention.

Another research showed why good web design is so important. 94% of participants cited the look of a web page as a factor that determines the first impression, and only 6% said they were more concerned about the content. Users evaluate the appearance in a complex way. When designing websites, you must take care of layout, navigation, colors, images, and corporate identity simultaneously.

3.Increase Conversions

Good web design does not only make a web page beautiful. A good design should also be effective and convincing. When properly designed, the elements of the page push the visitor to the necessary actions, such as clicking the “contact” or “buy at the best price” button.

Help users find what they are looking for. Add filters and product descriptions, but don’t overdo it – the more features available, the harder it is to make a decision. Make them flip through the pages, but not for too long.

Today the Internet is the largest customer base for almost any type of business. Since the web resource is your “Internet facade”, it should be well designed to attract the attention of visitors and turn them into customers.

4.Good Design Keeps Users On Your Site Longer

A great user experience increases customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers, in turn, become loyal customers, loyal to your brand. Those who remember their positive emotions while interacting with your website want to return to it again and again to enjoy the same positive user experience that makes buying goods and services more enjoyable.

Research shows that loyal customers are 10 times more valuable than at the time of their first purchase. Other statistics show that there is up to 70% probability to sell a product to an existing customer, while only 20% to a potential customer. Since loyal customers are more valuable for business than newcomers, it is important to acquire and maintain them, and good UX design contributes to this.

5.Quality Design Helps To Compete With The Competition

When visitors find it difficult to navigate how to use your site and where the necessary options are located on it, people are more likely to leave it and prefer your competitor’s site than to make an effort on yours, especially if your niche market is not unique. The higher the competition in your industry, the more critical the user experience is for your company and the more you should try to provide it. User-friendly UX design, intuitive navigation, fast loading speed, and other user experience components should be your priority if you want to stand out from the competition and make your website unique.

So, what is the importance of website design in business? Website design influences the user’s decision to stay and take action or leave and give up – it’s as simple as that. It should inspire trust, make sense and allow visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and easily – all of which will help you achieve your goal.

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