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5 Unexpected Costs Of Moving

Moving is a significant life event, and it can be both exciting and stressful. It’s also an expensive undertaking. You might already be aware of some of the costs associated with moving, such as the cost to rent a truck or hire movers. But there are other costs that many people don’t consider in advance, which can add up quickly.

Let’s take a look at five unexpected costs of moving that you should plan for in your budget.

1. Packing Materials

Packing materials like boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and tape are essential for safely transporting valuables from one place to another. And while they may seem like minor expenses, they can add up quickly when you consider how much packing material is needed for even a small move.

To save money on packing materials you can try to find free boxes from local stores or ask friends/family for their used boxes/materials if they recently moved.

2. Cleaning Fees

When renting an apartment or house, many landlords will require that tenants pay for professional cleaning services before moving out in order to make sure the unit is left in good condition after the tenant leaves.

This fee can be hundreds of dollars depending on how big the space is and how much cleaning needs to be done. It’s important to factor this expense into your budget and prepare your house for a cleaning in advance so you’re not surprised come time to move out!

3. Utilities Transfer Fees

In addition to paying monthly utility bills at your new home once you move in, you may also have to pay transfer fees in order to set up utilities at your new address (e.g., setting up electricity service). These fees vary by provider but usually range from $25-$50 per utility (e.g., gas, water, electric). It’s worth asking about these upfront so you know what to expect when it comes time to move into your new place.

4. Shipping a Car

If you’re moving across the country or internationally, shipping your car may be necessary if it won’t fit on the truck with all of your other belongings or if it would be too costly (and stressful) to drive it yourself over long distances!

The cost of shipping a car depends on factors like size and weight but typically ranges between $500-$1,000+, so make sure this expense is factored into your budget when making plans for an interstate or international move.

5. Storage Unit Rental Fees

If you need more time than anticipated before settling into your new home or don’t have enough room after arriving at the new location – storage units are often necessary during moves.

Depending on size and location prices vary greatly but generally speaking renting a unit could cost anywhere between $50-$200+ per month depending on the size and location of the unit chosen -so plan ahead and factor this expense into your budget if needed!.

There are several unexpected costs associated with moving beyond just renting a truck or hiring movers – which all add up quickly! Make sure that these additional expenses are factored into your moving budget so that you’re not caught off-guard by any surprises come time for relocation day! With proper planning these costs can easily be managed – allowing everyone involved to enjoy an enjoyable transition from one home to another without breaking the bank along the way.

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