6 Tips for Enjoying Your Visit to the Colosseum

Is the Colosseum on your bucket list when you are in Rome? Indeed, this is a popular attraction that many tourists like to explore when they are in Italy. The bloodthirsty games that went on here are interesting, and what is even more fascinating is the amphitheater itself. To ensure you have an amazing time, here are six tips for enjoying your visit to the Colosseum.

Get a Private Tour

There are general admission tickets when it comes to the Colosseum. This means that you are able to wander around on your own and see the attraction. While some people like the idea of showing themselves around, you have to be aware of the downsides. For example, there are going to be some areas that you cannot access. For instance, this can include the Underground area, as well as parts of the Arena itself.

Instead, you might want to get a private tour of the Colosseum. This is going to allow you to access all of the areas and really learn about what life was like back in ancient Rome. You can imagine you are a gladiator or a citizen coming to enjoy the entertainment. To go on the Roman Colosseum underground tours, head to What A Life Tours. You will be able to skip the general admission line, as well as explore the dungeons and places that not everybody gets to see.

Wear Sunscreen

If you are visiting Rome in the summer, you have to be aware that it gets very hot. You are going to be wandering around the Colosseum, and some of this is going to be outdoors. The last thing you want is to get sunburned and for this to ruin your vacation.

So, you need to make sure you wear sunscreen before your tour. This is going to ensure you are protecting your skin if you are going to be out in the sun. Seeing the Colosseum can take a few hours. You want to make sure you apply sunscreen before you go.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Something you have to remember is that you are going to be on a walking tour of the Colosseum. You might not think much about this beforehand, but you can definitely rack up the steps when you are there. So, in order to make sure the experience is a good one, you want to wear comfortable shoes. Then, you are going to have good support for walking for a couple of hours and not have sore feet.

Therefore, make sure you bring and wear comfortable shoes for your visit. While you might be visiting in the summer, you do not want to wear flip-flops. Instead, choose a pair of breathable sneakers that can give you the support you need.

Bring an Empty Water Bottle

Depending on when you are visiting Rome, it can be very hot. So, you want to make sure you have water on you at all times. This will stop you from getting dehydrated. What’s more, if you are walking around all day, you will need water to give you a boost and make sure you feel good.

Something to realise is that you are allowed to bring a plastic water bottle into the Colosseum. But, it should be empty. You will be able to fill up when you are inside with one of the water fountains that are free to use. Make sure the bottle is plastic, as you will have to go through security.

Avoid High Season

The truth is that the colosseum is very busy during the high season. We are talking about having long lines to get in, as well as large crowds at the popular spots. This is something that can affect your experience. In particular, if you are someone that does not like busy areas or gets overwhelmed in large crowds, the best thing to do is avoid the high season. This includes the height of the summer.

Instead, choose to visit the Colosseum when it is quieter. This can be around the winter months and at the end of summer. This tourist attraction is always going to have other people there. But, there will be significantly less foot traffic away from the high season.

Try a Night Tour

Not many people know that there are night tours of the Colosseum. Tourists highly rate them for several reasons. First, this can be a fun and unique way to experience this popular spot. Everything is more dramatic, and it creates some suspense. Some say that you can get a real feeling of the gladiator battles that happened here. 

What’s more, night tours can be more relaxing, and there will not be so many people here. Plus, you can beat the heat in Rome during the day. Thus, consider a night tour if you are still thinking about how you would like to visit the Colosseum.


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