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6ix9ine (Daniel Hernandez): The rapper’s fortune

How much money does 6ix9ine have?

6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, was born on May 9, 1996 in Bushwick (USA). His father is from Puerto Rico and his mother from Mexico. He grew up under difficult conditions. He had never met his father and his stepfather was murdered when he was 13 years old. So that he could support his mother, he started working with it at a young age and also got involved in drug deals. The cherished 6ix9ine’s assets are EUR 4.5 million.

The life of 6ix9ine and his career

Income from 6ix9ine
6ix9ine was released through a Slovak indie label called FCK THEM 2014 his first tracks and music videos. He already showed his fondness for anime in the music videos of the time. Because of this, the rapper becomes too Tekashi69 called.

6ix9ine was not particularly well known. First its conspicuous “69” face tattoo and his brightly colored hair caused quite a stir for the first time and the rapper quickly became an internet meme. For a short time the rapper was on everyone’s lips and platforms Reddit dealt non-stop with the artist.

The attention he received from the internet brought him notoriety in the rap scene. At the time, he already had uploaded some tracks to SoundCloud. This platform is particularly popular with young independent artists, as songs can be uploaded at any time without the need for a label. The platform users can listen to and download the songs for free.

Successes with Gummo, Fefe & Dummy Boy

After being the top favorite among the SoundCloud rappers The first single was released in October 2017. The track was called Gummo and the rap reached number 12 on the singles chart in the USA. The debut single was later awarded the platinum award. He released the track with Nicki Minaj Fefe in summer 2018, which he gained even more attention and landed another hit. With over 8.4 million sales and eight times platinum, it is his most successful single.

After the success, however, there were also downsides. Due to his imprisonment, his management released his second album called in late November 2018 Dummy boy. The album peaked at number 2 in the US and has now been sold over a million times. Unlike his first album, Day69 made it Dummy boy not in the album charts in Germany. In Austria, however, he reached 30th place.

How rich is 6ix9ine?

Gage from 6ix9ine
In 2018, the rapper’s fortune was of great interest. His lifestyle was never considered frugal and he was also concerned about his safety. During a visit to LA, the rapper Security staff hired, adding up to $ 100,000 in just ten days.

At his peak, the rapper posted a huge plus. To be alone Management had probably made $ 20 million with 6ix9ine – including album sales, streams, merchandising and appearances.

Imprisonment and sentences

As a result of his imprisonment (November 18, 2018), things became quiet around him and his assets also shrank somewhat. The lawyer disclosed at least the total assets of 6ix9ine so that the rapper may still be able to leave the prison on bail. However, the court sees a risk of flight. He is accused of armed robbery and illegal possession of weapons. He would have threatened up to 47 years imprisonment at most, but in the guilty verdict of December 18, 2019, it was “only” 2 years, of which he had already served 13 months. He should initially be released in late 2020, but with 5 years probation, 300 community hours and a fine of 35,000 US dollars. Due to the corona pandemic, the rapper was released early from prison in April 2020 and is allowed to spend the remaining 4 months of his sentence in house arrest with an ankle cuff. This house arrest was used for an Instagram record, because it was the first Insta live stream worldwide, the one tens of millions could record in viewers.

The only problem is that the rapper has already received several death threats from his old gang “Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods” for having whistled off two gang members. That could mean that he must continue to fear for his life.

Income from streams and sales

As with any rapper, streaming music makes up the bulk of its revenue. Heard with twelve million monthly listeners 6ix9ine is without a doubt one of the most successful rappers on Spotify. Unfortunately, the numbers from other platforms such as Apple Music or Deezer are not known. Still, the numbers from his Spotify statistics are impressive.

According to many different magazines, revenue per Spotify stream is around $ 0.006 to $ 0.0084. With a million stream, that would be around $ 6,000 to $ 8,400. As long as each Spotify listener has only heard one song, the rapper comes up with something monthly earnings of $ 72,000 to $ 100,800.

Calculating an amount of $ 0.006, the most popular tracks on Spotify add up to the following amounts:

  • Fefe: about $ 2.9 million with 497 million streams
  • Bebe: about $ 2.1 million with 351 million streams
  • Kika: about $ 1.1 million with 187 million streams
  • Billy: About $ 1.1 million with 196 million streams
  • Mala: about $ 858,000 with 143 million streams

Nothing is known about the sales of physical phonograms. Experience has shown that an artist like 6ix9ine earns around three to four dollars per record. The remaining part is used for production, pressing, logistics, management and taxes. With 20,000 records, that would be up to $ 80,000. The low number of sales sounds realistic, as streaming clearly dominates, especially in the US.

Earning from own YouTube channel

Assets of 6ix9ine
YouTube can be used to determine how important and popular an artist is. However, there are only a few music videos on YouTube on the official YouTube channel. The views of the individual videos are remarkable. In total, it has already generated over 2.5 billion views.

Since no videos were uploaded to YouTube for almost two years while in prison, the interim monthly revenue through YouTube has collapsed. If you count the well-known $ 1,000 per million clicks, that would have been $ 52,000 a month. The rapper is not considered ad-friendly, so there is also less advertising on his videos. Effective sales since the layoff are estimated to be around $ 250,000 a month.

Youtube record with Gooba

The first YouTube upload from “Gooba” after his imprisonment generated over 41 million views in the first 24 hours. This replaced the previous YouTube record (38 million views) from Eminem’s distrack “Killshot”.

Further income from collaborations

There is not much money to be made from features In view of the enormous and international reach. In the example below, however, things might be a little different. 6ix9ine is not unknown in Germany either, but there are far more popular rappers from America.

That was the case so that sales and streaming numbers would also be boosted in Germany Feature with Farid Bang and Capo more likely as a marketing tool instead of fast cash flow. Of course, it all worked out. The track International gangstas reached several million clicks on YouTube, but these can no longer be tracked.

The music video for this can no longer be found on the YouTube channel of Banger music. The reasons why the music video was removed do not appear to have been officially announced. It can be assumed that the label decided to do this because 6ix9ine allegedly molested a 13 year old girl. A video about this made the rounds in August 2018. The music video is still available on WORLDSTARHIPHOP and has already had 15 million clicks since its appearance in October 2018.

What’s next in 6ix9ine’s career?

6ix9ine’s career is currently considered to be over since the rapper betrayed his entire gang. In the American rap scene, 6ix9ine has been a “snitch” ever since. He cooperated with the police apparently to avoid long – or even life – imprisonment. Since then, his life has been in danger.

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