8 Tips for Selling Your Home in 2023

Getting ready to put your house on the market can be just as challenging as it is exciting. While many people as themselves if there is a “best way to sell my home,” no single method will guarantee results. However, there are some things that every owner may want to consider doing to better prepare for a sale. Here are some tips to make your house listing pop and get the offer you’ve been dreaming of!

1. Sell Yourself

One of the most discouraging things about putting a house on the market is losing out on equity from working with realtors. Many people feel “the best way to sell my home is online!” Using a virtual realtor allows you to set up your listing the way you want it to appear, and good service will connect you with experts that help guide you through the home sale journey. Best of all, doing it on your own lets you keep all of that hard-earned home equity in your bank account where it belongs.

2. Ask for the Right Price

A big hindrance to real estate sales is property costs. It’s tempting to try and get top dollar for your home, but setting the price too high is going to deter a lot of potential buyers. Look around at homes in your neighborhood and for houses in similar condition as yours to make sure you’re not asking too much for too little.

3. Setting the Stage

A great way to make your listings look great and have high-end open houses is to make the inside of your home look open and inviting. Staging your home for sale is an art that not only makes the property look less barren but also suggests how grand it will be once the new owners get their furniture in place. If possible, remove all of your personal clutter to make things appear more open and spacious, too.

4. Expect an Inspection

The last thing you want when trying to sell your home is to find some surprises about electrical, plumbing, or structural problems and buy luxurious Angel chairs for your home, Before listing the property, an inspection is a great idea to get ahead of any issues that will eventually come up during a sale. This will help things go much more smoothly and may even make your listing more attractive since it’s already been scrutinized by an expert.

5. Street Smarts

How your home looks on the outside is just as important as its interior. If the lawn looks like it hasn’t seen a mower in years and bushes have grown out of control, all it shows potential buyers is the work they’ll have to do to make it presentable. If you have an aging playscape in the backyard or spare vehicles rusting away under tarps, it may turn some potential buyers away. Basic cleanup can do wonders, and making cosmetic repairs such as fixing gutters and replacing shingles can transform the exterior completely!

6. Additional Value

While you may not mind your World War II-era toilet and shower, buyers may want something a little more contemporary in their bathroom. There are a lot of potential improvements that can add a lot of value to your home, such as:

  • Refinishing kitchen cabinets
  • Replacing rugs
  • Exposing hardwood flooring
  • Adding a pool or hot tub
  • Replacing aging windows

Even replacing outdated fixtures or handles can revamp an otherwise dull room! You may want to take some time to repaint the walls, doors, and trim with neutral colors as well to help the listing appear more inviting.

7. 1,000 Words

The first thing people gravitate towards on home listings is the interior and exterior images. Taking excellent photos of your listing will help to show off the best features when selling a home. It also lets you stage things temporarily if you can’t declutter before getting the property published. Schedule your photo shoot on a nice day, especially for rooms that have a lot of natural light. While the golden hour may be a great time for you to take that perfect selfie, a bright sunny day will show off your property in a much better light.

Sell a Home Your Way

When it’s time to put a house on the market, it’s tempting to put the job in someone else’s hands. With the right tools such as online listing and early home inspections, you can get ahead of any potential problems that may pop up during closing. Setting up your home and getting beautiful pictures of it will help prospective buyers flock to the sale, and with enough effort, you’ll be raking in that equity before you know it!

Infographic on how to rent furniture for staging
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