A guide to Ford Van Leasing

Van leasing is a long-term rental agreement offering you the use of a new pickup truck or van for a specific period of time.  You will pick several options, including contract time (usually between two and three years), initial amount of mileage, and then pay a monthly payment for the lease of the van or pickup truck for the agreed amount of time.  At the end of the contract, the van or pickup truck is either handed back to the company or bought outright by the person leasing it. 

Van leasing is often a cheaper, more affordable way to bring home a brand-new truck or van, and it is a great alternative to buying outright.  If you have been thinking of buying a new van recently, then why not look into leasing a van from your nearest van leasing manufacturer.  Lots of your main van manufacturers offer leasing options and are only a phone call away.  

Another option, if you do not want to lease a brand new van, manufacturers also offer used vans for rental. 

Why choose the Leasing Option?

There are many reasons why leasing is so popular, the main reasons being able to drive away in a brand new van or truck with little to no fuss, fixed monthly costs so you can budget every month instead of paying out a huge amount of money to buy, the latest technology installed in all vans or trucks makes life much easier on the road and flexibility on mileage and contract term so you never feel that you are tied into something that is not what you either can’t afford or do not want to keep for more than a few years.

Other benefits include:

  • Protect your savings – Affordable, fixed monthly payments mean you can keep savings in the bank and pay a monthly affordable low leasing cost for a high-end van or truck.
  • No van depreciation risk – Depreciation can be a huge expense with things like fuel, servicing, and insurance.  When you lease, you avoid these costs.
  • No huge repair bills –  Time is money, and with a brand new leased van or truck, you simply will not run the risk of breaking down or repairs needing to be done like you would if you had an older model van or truck.
  • Road Tax paid – VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) is covered on a brand new lease contract, and also included are the manufacturer’s warranty and breakdown cover. 
  • No vehicle disposal at the end – Selling your van or truck can be time-consuming and a lot of stress; with a lease, you simply hand back the vehicle at the end of the contract, and everything else is taken care of for you.
  • Making the right impression – this is one of the most important things to anyone, and that is to drive a brand new, modern vehicle will make not only the right impression but will have customers coming back to you time and time again.  Repeat business is a crucial part of all successful businesses, and leasing a brand-new truck or van will set you up for much repeat business and success. 

Who can lease a Van? 

Whether you are a small firm or a multinational organization leasing a van is one of the best options out there on the market. 

If you are looking for a business lease, you need to be currently trading and be able to provide a suitable level of income.  You will also need to be able to pass a credit check and may be asked to provide several sources of income statements before being approved for leasing a vehicle.

If you are a personal van lease customer, there are rigorous checks involved before being approved for leasing a vehicle.  You need to meet the business lease criteria, be over 18 years old, hold a full driving license, will need to pass a credit check, and provide at least three years of address history, employment, and income history. 

It may seem like a lot, but with the help of the staff in the showroom, you could be able to drive away with a brand new state of the art modern van within a few hours.  What is stopping you?  Think the van you want is outside your price range?  

Is a Van Lease right for you?

If you are looking for a brand new clean, modern, and efficient vehicle – that you also get to swap out every 2-3 years when your lease agreement ends with no penalty, then van leasing is definitely the right option for you.  You will get to enjoy motoring with peace of mind that all worries have been taken care of, and it certainly will not break the bank as a normal purchase would. 

Another option if you do not want to lease a brand new van, manufacturers also offer used vans for rental.  

How to choose the right van

There are several factors that need to be considered before choosing the van you want to drive away on lease.  Below will detail your options so that you will make the right choice for the perfect lease for you.

  • Choose your payload and passengers 
  • Decide on van size and dimensions 
  • Engine types and journeys
  • Internal and External Racking 

Bespoke requirements are also very important; for example, if you are carrying fresh flowers or food items, your van could need constant cooling or refrigeration. – Security could also be very important to some, and certain vans come with safety locking and GPS tracking. Alarms, Immobilizing, and lots more safeguards can come as extras.  

Van Upgrades 

Looking for something extra on your van? Want something a bit more up-to-date and modern?  Check out the upgrades available when you lease a van. 

  • Body Kits – Alloys, splitters, spoilers, and more will have heads turning. 
  • Sidebars – Round or triangular sidebars will give you sleek exterior lines. 
  • Roof bars – For those in need of extra space or just love the look.
  • Lowering – Custom lowering will make sure you hug the road and look incredible.

For interior upgrades, choose from custom leather, custom steering wheels, carpeting, LED lighting, and Ply Lining.  Other upgrades available on vans include the wasp range, hornet range and transporter.  

A van upgrade does not have to cost a lot or break the budget. Leasing a vehicle with the extras added in will leave you with plenty of money in the bank for other things and luxuries. 

3-12 Month Rentals

Are you an existing rental company?  Ford manufacturers offer both rent-to-buy for rental companies and rent & return for rental outlets.  

New Employee rentals are available for your company. It is hard enough to attract new employees to work for your business, so why not offer a brand-new van or vehicle to them when they join. By renting a vehicle or van locally, you will be billed, and you will insure the vehicle rather than investing in a 12-month lease which will help you take fewer risks on spending more money than you need to. 


There are many manufacturers who offer van leasing and at the forefront is Ford.  Also other companies include Citroen, Renault, Nissan, Vauxhall, and many, many others.  A Ford Ranger lease could be just what you are looking for.  Visit for more information today.  

Ford lovers will appreciate that times are tough and our budgets are very much stretched.  A Ford Ranger lease can give you everything you want and much more in between.  Not only does it offer off-road ease, but it is also a versatile pick-up available in a variety of models and specifications. It can also be great as a family car alternative without breaking the bank. 

Swiss Vans offer a combined experience of 20 years in car and van sales and boast very strong relationships with all of the main manufacturers you know and love.  Supplies with Swiss Vans mean you will always get a vehicle at the right price and will not pay over your budget.  They also promise to treat every client as an individual and do what they can to find the best price and vehicle. 

Popular Ranger Models 

Ford Ranger Wildtrak & Ford Ranger Platinum 

Finance Options 

There are many finance options available with Ford, and these can be availed when leasing any Ford van.  

Van Finance 

Contract Hire/Long term Rental 

3-12 month leases 

Hire Purchase/Lease purchase 

Buying outright 


Do I have to pay a deposit?

A damage payment would need to be paid in-store on the day of collection. 

What ID will I need?

Full driving license 

Valid photo ID 

Utility bill (proof of address)

Who else can drive the car?

Extra drivers can be added for a fee chargeable per day. 

Still unsure if the Ford Van lease is for you? Call or visit the website today and chat with an experienced member of staff and book an appointment to come and see the vans and vehicles you can lease and drive out of the showroom today. 



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