How To Become A Travel Agent From Home: Where To Start

Do you want to start a new career and prefer something that is flexible, exciting, and lets you work from home? Becoming a travel agent could be a perfect fit! In addition to ultimate flexibility, a career as a travel agent allows you to research (and even travel to!) exciting locations and help people create memories that will last a lifetime. Starting a travel agency business has low start-up costs, lets you work when and how much you want to, and has some great personal travel perks.

Wondering how to become a travel agent from home? Here’s where to start. 

First, Join a Host Agency 

The first step in how to become a travel agent from home is to join the right host agency—a company that is licensed with travel providers and connects you to everything you need to serve your customers. A host agency will not only be able to help you find deals, discounts, and tickets for your customers, but it will also give you all the training you need to succeed in your new career

A host agency can also help you get valuable certifications, such as those from the International Airlines Travel Agent Network, The Travel Institute, and the American Society of Travel Agents. Though these certifications are not required to become a travel agent, they can give you credibility a major boost—especially when you’re just starting out. 

To choose the right agency, talk with other travel agents you know and ask them who their host agency is and whether they would or would not recommend them. You can also look up agencies online and read reviews of them to see how satisfied their agents are with their services.

Next, Start Your Training 

It’s imperative to get comprehensive training before you launch your travel agency so you can provide top-tier customer service to those you work with and so you can quickly build and grow your business. Your host agency will provide a training course that includes marketing tools and recommendations, training on how to track commissions, and access to College of Disney Knowledge training. It will also give you invaluable insights on how to connect with fellow agents, reach out to new customers, and build your agency.

Training from a host agency can take place remotely, meaning you won’t have to travel or sit in a classroom setting week after week. You can do the training at your own pace and from your own home—or any location you choose. This flexibility is perfect for those with young children, who are still working another job, or who live in a remote place that is far from any large cities. 

Then, Choose Your Niche 

Though you can still succeed as a generalized travel agent who can help customers with personal or business travel anywhere in the world, some agents find it easier to choose a niche and specialize. This helps you to find your ideal customers and reach out to them with targeted marketing efforts. Examples include specializing in cruises, Disney or Universal travel, trips to Sandals, or European business travel. 

Now, Start Promoting! 

Once you’ve been thoroughly trained and decided on whether you will specialize or generalize, it’s time to start promoting your business! Your host agency will give you all the tools you need to market your agency including leveraging social media, turning friends and family members into customers, and reaching a wider audience through Search Engine Optimization techniques and blogging. 

Ongoing Suggestions

When you’re up and running and have some recurring customers, you’re well on your way to success! However, it’s important to stay up on training, keep current on travel news, and to continue your research (and personal travel) to find the newest and best hotels, resorts, and destinations. The best travel agents are resources for their customers and are constantly learning and making suggestions to optimize travel, get great deals, and find the next best vacation locale. 

How to Become a Travel Agent From Home: Start Today 

Ready to embark on a fun new career? Becoming a travel agent is a great way to enjoy a flexible career with unlimited growth potential. To get started today, reach out to a host agency to begin your training and open the door to fantastic adventures. 

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