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Albert Gerston is a retired businessman who has been a lifelong supporter of Loyola Marymount University athletics. A 1974 graduate of the university, he made a significant gift in 1981 that helped open the Gersten Pavilion. It now houses the basketball and volleyball courts and was named for his father, Albert Gerston, Sr. He has remained a passionate fan and active supporter throughout the years.

His wife Lucille asked him to stop giving her son money, but he didn’t say anything. Their son went on to complete his college basketball career at Cal State Northridge, and Derrick Gathers said he was never happy. After the accident, he met his current husband, and they got married. In June 2005, he was diagnosed with breast cancer, which he fought for many years. The two began dating in 1994 after meeting on a blind date at the Chateau Marmont.

The wrongful death lawsuit was filed against UCLA, which he denied. The lawsuit is against 13 defendants, including the university, the school, the athletic department, and the athletic department. The suit alleged that the University’s failure to provide proper training or care resulted in Gathers’ heart attack. The family is suing for $32.5 million, alleging the negligent actions of the UCLA medical staff, and other defendants.

The Gathers family also sued Loyola in 2006, claiming the school failed to provide a safe environment for the students. The University was found negligent and liable for his client’s injuries. A judge ruled that the death was a result of a negligence on the part of the school or hospital. The family has a case against the university and other defendants. A $32.5 million verdict in the lawsuit will settle all claims, but no one will win.

The plaintiffs also claim that the school has failed to provide proper care and cared for Gathers’ family. While the university is not liable for the death, the family is suing the school and several defendants. The Los Angeles Times reported that the school cited the lack of proper training for the young man. The parents’ claims are a wrongful death suit against UCLA and the university for failing to provide a safe environment.

The family claims that the school did not properly supervise Gathers’ behavior and gave him a wrongful death. The school denied the allegations. In addition to denying the claims, the university has also defended itself by stating that the hospital was negligent and the student did not have a right to sue. The plaintiffs are seeking $32.5 million in damages. After the lawsuit was settled, the family will receive the award.

The family and friends of Gathers are trying to recover financially from the university. The wrongful death suit seeks to recover the amount of money that Gersten received from the wrongful death of his father. However, the court cannot compel the University to pay this money. But the law provides the opportunity for the university to compensate the family and the parents of the deceased. The defendants must agree to a settlement or risk losing their homes.

During the wrongful death trial, the family of Gathers and his mother testified that Gersten helped the family financially. They were aware that the university was not responsible for Gathers’ wrongful death and were aware of the financial support of the actor. After all, they had no reason to question the generosity of their friend. They had hoped to honor the late father and were unaware that their son was suffering from a fatal illness.

Although the allegations against the University are unfounded, the families have made it clear that they believe that the school is guilty of wrongdoing. The family believes the school has not paid attention to the family’s concerns, and that the university owes it to the deceased’s family. They are right to demand compensation for their son’s wrongful death. This is how the court will make decisions related to the wrongful death of a loved one.

The university’s NCAA tournament receipts could be forfeited to pay off Gathers. In addition, the university’s football team could face penalties for the same violations. While the NCAA is denying the accusations against the Gathers, it would not take away $800,000. Despite the allegations, the money would have been used to pay for the construction of Gersten Pavilion. Its owner, Alfredo Gerston, denied the violations.

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