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Who is Alberto Angela: Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Father Piero and Instagram

Alberto Angela is a famous Italian science writer and TV presenter, specialized in paleontology. Writer and also journalist, Alberto Angela is the son of the equally famous scientific popularizer Piero Angela, with which he conceived and conducted famous and culturally important programs such as SuperQuark, Northwest Passage, Tonight at … And Wonders Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery. We will see Alberto Angela from April 21, 2021 on Rai 1, with the expected return of Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery, with 5 new episodes.

Who is it Alberto Angela?

  • Alberto Angela
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Age: 59 years old
  • Date of birth: April 8, 1962
  • Birth place: Paris
  • Profession: paleontologist, television host, science writer, writer and journalist
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 80 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ albertoangelarai1
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Alberto Angela was born in Paris on April 8, 1962, from the famous Piero Angela and his wife Margherita Pastore. He graduated in France and enrolled in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Sapienza in Rome, graduating with full marks and obtaining the prize and the publication of the thesis. After having served in the military service in the Fire Brigade, the young Alberto continues his academic career achieving various specializations abroad (USA specifically) in the field paleontological and paleoanthropological. A great scholar and researcher, Alberto Angela practicesresearch activity for over 10 years, participating in international expeditions, landing in television as a science communicator since the 90s, often also supporting his father in the management of Superquark. Author and conductor of Northwest Passage together with his father Piero, he is the author of the program Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery, broadcast since 2000; the program was very successful and Alberto was also the victim of a kidnapping during the filming of an episode set on the border between Niger and Algeria. Since 2015 he has been curator and host of the documentary series Tonight at …, and more recently we saw him at the helm of Wonders.

We will see Alberto Angela at the helm of Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery, from 21 April 2021 on Rai 1, with 5 new episodes that will see him engaged in dealing with: ancient Rome, Henry VIII and Anna Bolena, the Etruscans, San Francesco and Santa Chiara and climate change (topic that he will discuss together with his father Piero).

Married to Monica since 1993, Alberto has 3 children: Riccardo (1998), Edoardo (1999) and Alessandro (2004).


Alberto Angela graduated in natural sciences with honors and specializes in paleontology and paleoanthropology, in several US universities, such as: Harvard, UCLA and Columbia University. His begins field research and excavation activities in the 1980s, an activity that will lead him to explore places such as: Mongolia, Zaire, Oman and Ethiopia, where he remained victim of an ambush with shooting, from which he will escape unharmed.

Great scientific popularizer, Alberto Angela it moves on several fronts: television, writing, multimedia products And non-fiction. The area for which it has enjoyed considerable success is certainly the television area.

Alberto and Piero Angela

Alberto Angela on television

Alberto landed on television in 1989 for RTSI (Swiss Italian Television), conceiving and conducting the program for the network Albatros, then re-proposed on Telemontecarlo.

In 1993 we see him for the first time together with his father Piero in the documentary series The planet of the dinosaurs, of which Alberto takes care of the interventions in foreign languages ​​(English and French) for the export of the product. He continues his career as author and TV presenter for programs:

  • SuperQuark (1995 – present);
  • Special Quark (1997);
  • Northwest Passage (1997 – present);
  • Journey into the cosmos (1998);
  • Tonight at … (2015 – present);
  • Wonders (2018-2020);

Alberto Angela: Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery

Since 2000, Alberto Angela has been the host and creator (together with his father) of the very successful documentary program Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery, aired on Rai 3 until 2018, and currently aired on the flagship network.

A very successful program, highly appreciated by the public, it also saw artists such as: Gigi Proietti, Carlo Verdone, Noemi, Veronica Pivetti, Helen Mirren, Giusy Buscemi, Elio Germano, Paola Turci and Anna Foglietta.

Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery it is recognized as one of the best and most educational programs

From 21 April 2021 the new season of Ulisse – The pleasure of discovery, and its 5 episodes will focus on:

  • Ancient Rome;
  • Henry VII and Anna Bolena;
  • Etruscan civilization;
  • San Francesco and Santa Chiara (patrons of Italy);
  • Terrestrial climate changes.

Ulysses - The piac

Alberto Angela journalist and writer

Also involved in the journalistic field, Alberto Angela has collaborated with newspapers such as: The print, The voice, Epoch And Heron.

Also appreciated in the non-fiction and authorial fields, Alberto Angela has published numerous books and volumes concerning science, evolution, paleontological discoveries, ancient civilizations, works of art and important personalities of history. Much appreciated and respected for his commitment as a man of culture, he received the Cimitile Award, in 2008, for the best non-fiction work with A day in ancient Rome.

Tireless scientific popularizer, in addition to published books, Alberto Angela is also committed to producing books that can be purchased at newsstands such as: Journey through history (50 vols. Of 2016) and How we were. The novel of the Italians from its origins to the unification of Italy (20 vols. Of 2019).

Private life

Very reserved and shy as regards the personal sphere, of Alberto Angela is known to have been married to Monica since 1993. Together they have 3 sons: Riccardo Angela (1998), Edward Angela (1999) and Alessandro Angela, the youngest born in 2004. Della wife named Monica we only know that she comes from Parma, a city where the family often goes to visit their maternal relatives.


Alberto Angela’s instagram profile boasts nearly 380,000 followers. Of a cordial nature, but shy as regards the private sphere, Alberto Angela publishes only posts about his work, or updates about the programs he runs. Admiring his instagram profile, it seems to be in a small social museum, where you don’t have to pay the ticket to immerse yourself in natural and artistic wonders, both local and world.

Alberto Angela Insta


  • He loves sport very much, especially swimming: he does 60 laps every day;
  • He does not declare himself vegan, but his diet avoid the daily use of meat and derivatives;
  • His favorite dessert is tiramisu;
  • He has lent his voice for an audiovisual project of the New York Museum of Natural History;
  • It was the first with his troupe (for Superquark) to enter the largest Egyptian tomb ever excavated, it was 1997;
  • He is an honorary citizen of Naples, Pompeii and Aquileia;
  • A very rare marine species has been dedicated to him, present in the Colombian seas: the Prunum albertoangelai;
  • It has a rich collection of desert sands;
  • Since childhood he has followed his father Piero during his countless exploratory journeys;
  • He speaks fluently: Italian, French, English, Swahili and Kurdish;
  • In 2017 he was awarded the America Prize of the Italy USA Foundation;
  • During his travels, he always brings coffee from Italy, so as not to find himself without equipment;
  • He loves coffee very muchin fact, in the morning he drinks two cups in a row.

Alberto Angela Video

Here is a recent interview by Alberto Angela, given to Francesca Fialdini, on the program With us … freewheeling.


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