Alex Gorsky Net Worth

Alex Gorsky is an American businessman. He made a fortune while working at Johnson & Johnson. In fact, his career began at the Johnson & Johnson sales division, where he rose to become its Worldwide Chairman. In addition, he spent six years in the U.S. army, and earned a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, Alex Gorsky began his career at Johnson & Johnson as a sales representative and quickly advanced to a position of increasing responsibility. In 2012, he was named CEO and President of the company, and his net worth is estimated to be in the multi-billion dollar range.

After achieving success in the pharmaceuticals industry, Alex Gorsky moved on to become the Chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson in 2013. After a period of time, he was made the vice-chairman of the executive committee. He also became the head of business for Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, which was operating throughout North America. In 2004, he left the company, but returned to it with a new project. He acquired the pharmaceutical company Ethicon and joined the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical division as the Chairman of the board.

Alex Gorsky net worth is estimated to be $133 million USD as of 14 February 2022. He owns 60,965 shares of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) stock worth more than $107,147,017. The last 13 years have seen him sell shares of JNJ worth over $0! As Chairman of the Executive Committee of the company, Gorsky earns a salary of $25,365,800.

Gorsky is a graduate of the Fremont High School in California. He went on to attend the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY, earning a Bachelor of Science degree. His military career included six years of service, culminating with a rank of Captain. His net worth rose significantly during this period. In addition to his successful career, Alex Gorsky has been a part of several scandals involving Risperdal and has a lot of other investments.

Despite his large wealth, Alex Gorsky remains private. Unlike many other businessmen, he doesn’t like to flaunt his extravagant personal life in public. As a result, his net worth is not as high as other businessmen’s. Instead, he keeps his personal life out of the spotlight. This has helped him maintain a relatively low profile. But it hasn’t prevented him from making millions.

According to Forbes, Alex Gorsky has a net worth of $560 million. He is the seventh person to serve as CEO and Chair of Johnson & Johnson. His net worth is based on a combination of social and business factors, and his actual income may be significantly different. Since Gorsky has spent most of his life giving up his personal wealth, his net worth may be far from what we’ve outlined above.

Gorsky is married to Patricia Gorsky, a white woman in her 50s. The two have been married for over 30 years and have one son, Nicholas Gorsky. Although Patricia and Alex are busy raising their children, they have not resorted to mentioning their personal lives online. And despite their net worth, Alex Gorsky is also very active in the community. He’s a trustee for the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the Doylestown Hospital Board.