All You Need To Know For Preparing Apisero Interview

Established in 2016, Apisero has grown as a successful MuleSoft consulting firm. The company is growing at a great pace. Hence, many working professionals or freshers are looking to be a part of the firm.

However, cracking the Apisero interview is not as easy as it seems.

Though, with rigorous practice and dedication towards learning, you can certainly clear the Apisero interview with ease.

However, the main question here is where to start from. What should you start learning?

To help you answer such questions, we have curated a strategic approach for you to clear the Apisero interview.

Also, we have listed the top Apisero interview questions to give you an idea of what is generally asked in the interview.

Keep reading and unravel everything you need to know about the Apisero interview.

Apisero Recruitment Process

The prior step to clearing your Apisero interview is to understand the interview process. At Apisero, the main focus is on hiring people with strong technological backgrounds who can be a part of the digital revolution.

Apisero interviews are generally conducted in five rounds which include:

  • A coding and aptitude round
  • Three technical assessment rounds
  • An HR round.

In the coding and aptitude round, the questions revolve around the basics of programming including data structures, algorithms and computer fundamentals. Along with this, other questions related to logical reasoning and aptitude are also included in this round.

Next, three technical rounds are conducted in which your understanding of your chosen language and programming basics are analysed.

This includes questions related to object-oriented programming, operating systems, database management systems, and concepts of Python, C++ or any other language that you have learnt.

If you clear all these codings and technical rounds, you will have to go through the HR round. In this round, HR will ask questions to analyse your personality and behaviour to ensure that you are fit for working in the company.

Such questions generally include introducing yourself, why you wish to work at Apisero, understanding your weakness and strengths and more.

Apisero Interview Preparation Tips

After understanding the Apisero interview process, the next thing that you need to do is to prepare for your interview.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to ease and structure your preparation process.

  • To analyse how fast you can resolve the given set of questions, use a stopwatch or test yourself regularly. This will help you develop and enhance your logical ability.
  • Put your experiences to use and share them to demonstrate your communication and leadership skills to the interviewer.
  • Always make sure to maintain a welcoming and polite look on your face. Begin your conversation politely by introducing yourself confidently.
  • Gain all the required knowledge that you must know about the company and the interview process. Be aware of the rounds carried out in the recruitment process, work-life balance of the firm, the performance of the firm and its main objective.
  • Go through existing Apisero interview experiences to understand interview rounds and what you can expect from them.
  • While preparing, make sure to attend multiple mock interviews. This will help you become comfortable with the recruitment process and give an idea of generally asked Apisero interview questions.
  • You get enough time to work on your strengths and weaknesses. Also, make sure to maintain a diplomatic attitude while explaining to the interviewer your shortcomings and use only positive examples to explain your weaknesses.

Most Asked Apisero Interview Questions

Now that you are aware of the complete Apisero recruitment process and the preparation strategy, let’s look at some most asked Apisero interview questions.

1. Explain spooling in operating systems.

Spooling is a process to store data which is then used by a device or the system. This data is stored in the memory until the user does not ask for the data. One of the most common examples of the spooling process is printing. Printer pages are stored in the spooler until they are called by the printer.

2. What are the functions of an operating system?

An operating system is much more than just an interface between the user and the hardware. Other functions of an operating system include:

  • File management
  • Security of the system
  • Input and output management
  • Memory management
  • Maintaining the system performance
  • Detecting errors
  • Processor management
  • Device management

3. Explain socket programming.

Socket programming is a type of programming technique used to allow communication between two systems. In this technique, two sockets are used, out of which one is used to listen to the traffic present at a specific address while the other one is used for the connection.

4. What do you understand about unions in C language?

Unions are special data types that allow you to store multiple types of data in the same memory slot. However, here you need to know that only one data type is given priority at one time in unions. Besides that, it is a great method to use the same memory slot to store multiple data types and make systems more space efficient.

5. What is star topology in programming?

In star topology, the spoke hub distribution process is used. It means that all the nodes present in the network are connected to a central hub. It is one of the most common types of computer network architectures used.

Programmers use star topology for the following reasons:

  • You can easily set up and modify the star network.
  • In case any of the nodes fail, only that particular node will be affected. All the other nodes will work in the same way.

However, there are certain reasons why a programmer may not choose star topology including:

  • The whole system will stop working if the central hub fails.
  • You will have to bear high costs for installing star topology.


Apisero has established its name among the top product-based companies in India in such a short span of time and the company is likely to reach heights in the coming future.

This is why the company attracts a lot of freshers and working professionals. However, getting through the interview process in one go needs a lot of practice and effort.

Make sure to go through the previous year’s Apisero interview questions, mock tests and interviews to get an idea of how Apisero conducts interviews.

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