Amy Digiovanna

Brief Introduction 

Amy DiGiovanna’s age is unclear. Her date of birth is considered confidential and cannot be revealed. A wiki biography is available online. It was compiled from articles that were sensationalized by the news media. The actress is believed to be in her mid-forties. Her age is not yet revealed. Amy has not made her personal details public, though. However, she does have a number of family members in Alabama.


After the divorce from Jay DiGiovanna in 2008, Amy DiGiovanna avoided the limelight. In 2008, she married Sara Evans, who has no previous links to the couple. However, there have been rumors that she may be living with her children in the US. Barker, who was filling in for Birmingham radio games, is currently under guardianship and is accused of committing aggressive behavior.

Suspicious Character Of Husband

Jay Barker was previously married to Amy Digiovanna. She was his first wife before he married Sara Evans. Their marriage was brief, and he was reportedly arrested after attempting to strike his second wife with a car. Amy DiGiovanna and Barker were married in 1995. The couple split in 2007, and the reason for the breakup remains unclear. Amy DiGiovanna and Jay Barker’s divorce is considered an extramarital ffair, and she has not been in the spotlight since the split

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