An Ideal Roofing Company Employee

Is there anything more rewarding than self-sufficiency? When your job is to make old things new, you might feel proud, particularly if you improved someone’s house or workplace. Roofers do this every day.

Roofing pros are expert technicians, salespeople, and company leaders. One-man performances with a truck, tar pot, ladder, and measuring wheel are rare. Modern roofers are entrepreneurial tacticians who blend artisan and executive skills. After all, roofing contractors now approach $30 billion in transactions yearly in the U.S. alone. A large industry requires many smart businesspeople.

Roofing businesses with millions in yearly revenue employ dozens of professional people, from office managers to installers. Over 150,000 men and women work as roofers, according to the BLS. This doesn’t include the thousands that work in manufacturing and distribution. These include GAF, Owens Corning, 3M, Dupont, and Tesla.

Roofing Job Titles

There may be a need for a single employee or owner to fill many positions, and this is often the case when a firm is small. Just like a huge organization, the roofing firm has a position for practically every degree of competence, whether in the office or the field.

1.Office Administrator

Office Admins are vital to a roofing contractor’s business, despite their mid-level status. No longer merely answering phones and files, Office Admins are frequently computer-savvy, organized, and vital.

Using roofing CRM like Field Complete, field personnel may provide complete roof reports and estimates that need minimal modification in the office.

2.Account Manager

Maintaining strong connections with property owners is crucial to creating loyalty, repeat business, great ratings, and recommendations. Account Manager is a roofing sales professional similar to a Sales Representative, Customer Consultant, etc. In smaller corporations, specialization may not be as clear as in bigger contracting enterprises, hence an Account Manager may handle sales and client retention.

Field Complete client database lets account managers track customer profiles and projects.

3.Roofing Sales Rep./Manager

Any successful roofing contractor firm has knowledgeable salespeople that love to share their expertise. Charisma is also vital. Good salesmen build rapport quickly. A roofing salesperson may advance a company by giving homeowners excellent advice, being sensitive to their requirements and budget, and really wanting to improve their property.

Only Field Complete can provide a comprehensive selling solution, from a digital pitch book to an in-app library of roofing manufacturers’ items, to a realistic roof visualizer and immediate roof report and estimate capabilities.

4.Roofing Estimator

A skilled estimator is needed to determine a roof’s fair value and profit margin. An Estimator must consider every aspect of the project, from roof measuring to job site cleanup. Inaccurate roof measuring, labeling, material requisitioning, and waste factor calculation may cost money. Before installing a new roof, it’s also important to replace soffits and fascia. Before estimating, it must be recognized. Roofing Estimators use roofing technology solutions like Field Complete to develop roof reports and generate quotes quickly to make sales.

Owners, General Managers… Feel Left Out?

Are you a roofing entrepreneur? Find out how technology can help you. Field Complete can fill in the gap with software tools and support. See also how the software can help contractor management here:


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