Angel Del Villar Net Worth

Mexican singer and actress, Angel del Villar has a net worth of $25 million. Born in Zacatecas, Mexico, he has been a music fan for most of his life and has won many awards, including the Billboard Latin Music Awards. His net worth is the result of a successful career that started at a young age and has now grown to include a thriving restaurant business and a label called Tor Resord. He is also married to Madrid del Villar, the only singer in the world to be married. Despite his wealth, he is a man of mixed ethnicity and has a wife who is also an artist.

The artist makes the most of his wealth with Dell Records and has also made money by promoting other companies’ products. He also runs a fencing association and a fish cafe, which has attracted many big names. These two ventures have helped Angel del Villar to build his net worth and are expected to continue to grow. However, it is not always easy to determine the exact source of his wealth. Angel Del Villar net worth is an approximate figure and it is likely to grow considerably as he continues to work hard to maintain his popularity.

After his secondary school education, Angel del Villar began pursuing his career as a singer. He teamed up with several friends to produce his first album, but kept the details of their relationship secret. After this, his wife, Cheli Madrid, became a popular figure and they were married on February 27, 2020. Both were engaged for several months prior to the wedding. The couple’s first child was a girl named Paloma Blanca.

Angel Del Villar’s career has been incredibly successful. He has collaborated with many international artists. He also established a music studio with his colleagues. His studio is at the top level of professionality. As a result, Angel del Villar’s net worth is substantial. This artist’s social media activities have generated a large portion of his wealth. His YouTube channel, for example, has almost two million subscribers and he regularly posts videos.

While his net worth will likely increase as his popularity grows, his musical career will remain a source of passive income. In addition to his successful musical career, he has established his own record label, DEL Records. This label has signed Gerardo Ortiz, who received a Grammy nomination in 2010 for his album, Paloma Blanca. However, the label was sued by Ortiz, who claims that his company failed to give his band the proper royalties.

A record label owned by Del Villar is one of the most successful in the Latin music industry. It has won six Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2016 alone. Moreover, Del Villar has a brand value of several millions of dollars. Additionally, he owns a fish cafe in Zacatecas. Despite his high net worth, there are some downsides to this empire. Those who are a fan of the label might find it hard to believe.