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Angela Aguilar Accident

Accident In Live Show

Angela Aguilar is one of the most well-known singers from Mexico. She’s a young and talented artist who’s been rated among the best contemporary singers. While it’s unfortunate that she had to suffer an accident on stage, she handled the situation with professionalism. The incident occurred during one of her live performances in March 2022. The singer broke her left ankle and received four stitches above her right eye. Though she did not need surgery, the incident forced her to cancel three subsequent live concerts.

Skirt Fell off 

The accident happened when the singer fell while performing on stage. The singer’s skirt became entangled in the stage, causing her to fall to the floor. The whole accident was captured on camera and was then uploaded to social media. Her father Pepe Aguilar’s reaction was professional, as usual.

Cousin Death

Angela Aguilar has three siblings: a brother and a sister. She often posts photos of the family on her social media accounts. Her cousin, Marcelita, died in 2004. Angela has not shared many memories of her first cousin, but she shares a deep love for her family.

Singing Journey 

Angela Aguilar is 19 years old. She was born in Los Angeles and raised in San Diego with her mother. She began singing at an early age. She took voice lessons from Karen McDonald at La Jolla Music Conservatory. She later taught herself guitar and piano. She was a star in the making. She has been nominated for several awards and became the first female artist to be ranked number one on Billboard’s chart.

Rose to Fame

Angela Aguilar is a Mexican-American singer and actress. She rose to fame with the performance of La Llorona at the 2018 Latin Grammy Awards. Her family’s Mexican heritage has influenced her music. Her grandparents were originally from Durango, Mexico, and they eventually settled in California.

A Woman Claiming to be her Mother 

Angela Aguilar has also been involved in controversy since a video went viral on her Instagram account. The woman claiming to be Angela Aguilar’s mother approached the star and showed her an article she’d found online. Neither woman was wearing anything other than her original tennis shoes. In addition, Angela Aguilar was wearing a black tulle skirt and flyers to promote her show.

Mother Death

Angela Aguilar’s mother, Marcela Aguilar, died in a car accident in 2004. The accident occurred while Angela Aguilar was on the road with her mother and father. Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, Wild Flower, also appeared in the video. The two were reportedly close friends. The actresses, who have a long history of performing together, are part of a musical dynasty that spans generations.


Angela Aguilar is the youngest of the Aguilar family. Her mother, Antonio, and brother Flor Silvestre also have great singing voices. Angela Aguilar has a remarkable voice and excellent handling skills. The incident took place while she and her family were out for a snack. Her mother, grandmother, and brother were all with her at the time. They all appeared to be frightened, but it’s clear that Angela Aguilar was not alone. Despite the accident and the injuries, people have been sympathetic to the singer and her family.

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