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Anna Faris Net Worth

Anna Faris is a very famous and successful actress in America. People all over the world know her by the name Anna Faris. Anna Faris was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on November 29, 1976. Faris lived in Maryland for six years, then she moved to Washington with her family. Her dad worked at the University of Washington where he was in charge of communications.

Early Life

Anna Kay Faris was born in Baltimore, Maryland on November 29, 1976. Her dad, Jack, taught sociology and her mom, Karen, taught special education. Her mom and dad are from Seattle, Washington, but they are living in Baltimore because her dad works as a professor at Towson University. They went to Washington when she was six years old. They resided in Edmonds, Washington. Revised: They lived in Edmonds, Washington. Her dad had a job at the University of Washington, and her mom taught at Seaview Elementary School. She has a big brother named Robert. He became a sociologist like his father and is now a teacher at the University of California, Davis.

Personal Life

Faris saw the actor Ben Indra while they were making the movie “Lovers Lane” in 1999. They started going out and got married in June 2004, but then Faris asked for a divorce in April 2007. They finished their divorce in February 2008. As part of the agreement, Faris had to give Indra $900,000 and other things like property and money from acting. During her divorce, she decided to have cosmetic surgery to get breast implants. She talks about this decision in her book “Unqualified” (2017).


Anna Faris began her career in 1991 by doing small roles in theaters and dramas. In 1996, she acted in a drama called Eden, which was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. In 1999, she acted in her first big movie called Lovers Lane. Anna Faris became famous in 2000 when she starred in the popular horror comedy film series, Scary Movie.

Later, Anna Faris acted in many more movies and became very successful. She has appeared in many TV shows, and is best known for her roles in Friends and Mom. Anna Faris has also worked as a voice actor in many shows like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Emoji Movie, etc. Her first podcast, called Unqualified, started in 2015. Then, in 2017, she published a book about her life called Unqualified. Anna Faris has won many awards such as Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, Stony Awards, and more.

Anna Faris Net Worth

Anna Faris is a very successful woman in America who has done really well in her job. Faris is famous everywhere for being funny in movies and TV shows. She is a funny person who has been in lots of movies and TV shows and has been very successful. Faris became famous for her part in the Scary Movie movies. After that, she starred in many more movies and TV shows. Anna Faris has earned a lot of money from her job. Right now, she has $35 million.


Anna Faris is a very famous woman who is admired by many people and has many fans worldwide. Faris has been very successful in her job for a long time. She started working in 1991 and is still doing great. She is a funny person who is loved and supported by many fans.

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