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When DMX was born, Arnett was 19 years old. Since then, her relationship with the rapper has been up and down. She gave birth to two daughters and has two sons through her marriage to Earl Simmons. While the relationship between the two had a rough start, it has settled down in recent years. Despite the bad start, DMX has had an incredible career, and his mother will face the agonizing decision of whether to end his life-support services.

Despite her young age, Arnett raised her three children alone. She beat her son and left him in a Children’s Home. He also has a brother and a sister, who died at a young age. The rapper has three children, including two sons. However, the traumatic circumstances that she went through were enough to make her a famous name. Regardless of the trauma that he suffered, Arnett remained steadfast and fought to raise her son.

Arnett Simmons is one of the most popular and famous hip hop artists. He earned the nickname “Ruff Ryder” and died of a drug overdose in April 2021. DMX was born to Arnett Simmons and Joe Barker. During their early years, Arnett was just 19 years old when she gave birth to her son. She and her husband had two children together, Bonita and Shayla. She was a single mother for several years and had another daughter, Bonita, shortly after the birth of DMX.

Despite having three children, Arnett Simmons’ marriage was not a happy one. She had a troubled relationship with her husband and had a difficult relationship with her children. She had an abusive ex-husband, Joe Barker, who had two daughters. He was only 18 years old when he gave birth to DMX. He never wanted Arnett to keep the child and eventually cut all ties with the family.

The rapper’s mother, Arnett Simmons, did not disclose her profession. She did not reveal her name in the media. While her son was an actor, composer, and rapper, his mother had no formal education. Despite her celebrity status, her personal life has not been discussed in the media. Nevertheless, she is an American of African descent. If you are wondering what she did for a living, this information is sure to help you decide.

DMX’s mother, Arnett Simmons, was a talented artist, who became a star with her music. She was 19 when she gave birth to DMX, and she already had a two-year-old daughter, Bonita. Her second child, Bonita, was born a few years later. Currently, she is a singer, actress, and songwriter. The only thing she has known about her son is that she was a poor mother.

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