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Earlier this year, a Republican candidate for Congress, Jason Chaffetz, was forced to withdraw his endorsement of Donald Trump following the Access Hollywood controversy. While his endorsement of Trump had been viewed as a significant boost for the Republican nominee, the scandal has now fueled a backlash. The two candidates were forced to clarify their stances on the matter, but the outcome is still far from clear. However, this does not mean that Chaffetz has abandoned the race.

Chaffetz was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as his chief of staff when he lost the 2004 election. In January 2005, he became Huntsman’s chief of staff. He then went on to establish Maxtera Utah Inc., a marketing firm. In 2007, he was appointed by Huntsman to serve as a trustee at Utah Valley State College. He has served on the Highland City planning commission, as well as the adjutant general review.

In early October 2016, Chaffetz retracted his endorsement of Trump. In early October, he had declared his intention to vote for Trump three times, but he later changed his mind. He endorsed Trump three times and retracted that in December. In early October 2016, he said he was undecided about his decision. In addition to his criticism of the Obama administration, Chaffetz has also refused to investigate the potential conflicts of interest involving President Donald J. Clinton.

Rep. Chaffetz’s most controversial issues are related to immigration and national security. He has promised to fix the citizenship issue and deal with the incentive for illegal immigration. He has also criticized Obama’s foreign policy and questioned the president’s policies in Afghanistan. His unorthodox style creates the impression of a straight-shooter, who dislikes trivial resolutions. He has also been married to Julie Marie Johnson since February 1991. His parents are John Chaffetz and Kitty Dukakis.

In a speech in late September, he endorsed the Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump. After reversing his endorsement, he publicly declared his intention to support the Republican nominee. Although Chaffetz had endorsed Donald Trump, he did not attend the election. He criticized the president’s policies in the aftermath of the attack on the United States. This is a common mischaracterization of his political views.

Chaffetz’s political career began in public service. He is a former campaign manager for Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. He joined the Huntsman administration as his chief of staff in January 2005. After winning the election, Chaffetz founded Maxtera Utah Inc., a marketing firm. In 2006, he was appointed to the board of Utah Valley State College as a trustee. He has also served on the Highland City planning commission and as chairman of the adjutant general review of the Utah National Guard.

During his first campaign for president, Chaffetz made it clear that he was committed to the causes of the Benghazi attacks. He defended the cause of the attacks by emphasizing the role of the military in national defense. Moreover, he has a history of being a steadfast proponent of the freedom of religion. A conservative Democrat, Max Chaffetz has the support of religious groups across the political spectrum.

Chaffetz’s opposition to climate change has caused a controversy in the United States. He has repeatedly defended the President, and has criticized the White House’s handling of the Benghazi attacks. This has led to a backlash in his congressional race. It is important to note that the Republican nominee for president, Max Chaffetz, has endorsed a number of candidates in the last presidential election.

Chaffetz’s stance on immigration and the right of immigrants has sparked a backlash. He has argued that illegal immigrants should have equal rights. He has promised to address the citizenship issue and curb the incentives of illegal immigration. Further, he has a strong stance on national defense. His father was Jewish, and his first wife was Kitty Dukakis’ cousin. The two were married in 1988. Despite the rift, Chaffetz’s political career continues to be close to Dukakis family.

Chaffetz started his political career in 2004, becoming the campaign manager for Utah gubernatorial candidate Jon Huntsman. He soon was appointed chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. In both jobs, Chaffetz worked with Democrats to avoid overreaching. While his political career has remained largely on the defensive, he has emphasized his commitment to civil liberties. In addition, he has been a frequent critic of the President’s administration, and he has defended the right to keep armed personnel out of the US.

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