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Ava Maybee is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She recently auditioned on the 20th season of American Idol. Her parents are Chad Smith and Trisha Smith. She has one elder sister, Manon, from a different mother. The singer and songwriter has three singles to her credit. She says her music is influenced by classic soul, Motown, and rock.

Supportive Parents

Ava Maybee’s parents are not only famous but also supportive and encouraging. Ava’s father has five children in total. The first is from his first marriage, while the second marriage brought four children. The children are Ava, Beckett, Cole, and Dashiell. Ava’s parents are proud of their daughter and her career.

Parents Career

Ava Maybee’s parents have a unique musical background. Her father, Chad Smith, is the drummer of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers and has been in the music business for 30 years. Her mother, Trisha Cardoso, is an investor and is a former executive at Showtime Networks Inc. Ava Maybee has an active Instagram account with over 21k followers and 350 posts. Ava Maybee also works as an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles. As of 2022, Ava Maybee does not have a boyfriend, and is focused on building her career.

Youth Ambassador for Children’s Hospital

Ava Maybee has been a part of several notable events in Los Angeles. She has performed at events including Dodgers and Lakers games and has even been named a youth ambassador for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Ava’s parents are proud of their daughter’s achievements and their commitment to helping children overcome life’s hardships. Ava’s success at this stage shows that they are doing something right.


Ava Maybee was born in Los Angeles, California and has five siblings. Four of her siblings are from her father’s relationships with other women. She has an older half-brother named Justin Smith and three younger half-brothers from his second marriage. Ava’s parents have never commented on her gender, but she has been widely reported to be a girl.

Parents Remarriage 

After the breakup of their first marriage in 1997, Ava Maybee’s parents married again. Their daughter was born in 2001. Ava’s father, Chad Smith, later divorced his wife Trisha Cardoso. After Ava Maybee’s birth, Smith married architect Nancy Mack.

Singer and Actress

Ava Maybee is an American singer. She was born on 19 February 2001. Her parents are both successful. She is a singer and an actress. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million. She lives in a large house in Los Angeles. She has also teamed up with several fashion companies, including Chanel and Gap.


Ava Smith’s parents are both musicians. Her dad, Chad Smith, has been in the music industry for 30 years and is the drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Her parents are also involved with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Ava is passionate about stopping violence in schools.

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