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B Lou Net Worth


If you’re wondering how much B.Lou is worth, keep reading. The YouTube sensation has more than 100 million subscribers and is estimated to earn $2 million by the early 2020s. While her popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years, there is still much more to her than just singing and dancing. You can find her at various social networking sites, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Below is a quick look at her net worth.

 Successful YouTuber

B.Lou is a successful YouTuber and is also earning a decent amount from his rapping career. He earns between USD 75 to 90k from his YouTube videos and around $60k per song. The net worth of B.Lou is therefore between USD five and six million. He has partnered with companies like GRM Daily and 300 GRM Daily and has been featured on several TV shows. He is a big sports fan and is a fan of basketball and football.

Rapping Career 

During his rapping career, B.Lou earned over USD 75 to 90 thousand through his YouTube videos. His “ZIAS!” Channel has over 3.9 million subscribers, and his most popular video is “B.Lou rapping on the street”. His popularity has led to many people estimating his net worth at between $2 million and $3 million. Although he is a relatively new star, his social media presence has contributed to his growing net worth.

Social Media Personality 

Besides being an active YouTube star, B.Lou has become a social media personality. His reaction to XXXTENTACION’s “Look At Me” went viral, resulting in a record-breaking video. He has since gained more popularity and has over 3.9 million subscribers. His YouTube videos, YouTube collaborations, and other activities have helped him build a massive fan base. While his net worth is not yet known, his popularity and success have led to his earnings to soar.

 3.9 million Subscribers

B.Lou income comes from his YouTube videos and rapping. His YouTube channel has over 3.9 million subscribers. He is also in a relationship with Domi V. They have one child together. There is no information about the name of the baby or his mother, but the teen is engaged to Domi V. He is romantically involved with Domi V and frequently appears on his YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel 

B.Lou’s was born on September 23, 1995, and is the half of a YouTube channel called ZIAS!, which is renowned for its reaction videos. Despite his fame, B.Lou is relatively unknown when it comes to his family. He has a younger sister, Brea. The two of them are still working on establishing their careers.


His YouTube channel is one of the most-viewed channels on the site. His social media presence has contributed to his high net worth. He has also collaborated with GRM Daily and 300 Entertainment. The two YouTube stars’ relationships have made their YouTube channels a hot spot for fans. If you’re wondering how much B.Lou is, you’re on the right track!


Aside from his career, B.Lou has other ventures, such as partnering with GRM Daily and 300 Entertainment. While his career is relatively new, it is expected to continue to grow. The social media star is generating millions of followers in the near future.


According to Forbes, B.Lou’s net worth is estimated at around $600k, and his annual salary is about $400k. The rapper earns around $33K per month. She has 3.2 million YouTube subscribers. He is a father of a boy, and her net worth is expected to increase over the next few years.

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