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Barbara Schöneberger: The moderator’s fortune

How much money does Barbara Schöneberger have?

Barbara Schöneberger is not only known for her humor, but also for her talent and mouth. Her television career began several decades ago, namely in 1998. Following the Sat.1 format “Bube, Dame, Hörig”, the buxom blonde was seen on the “Harald Schmidt Show”. The presenter Harald Schmidt himself was so enthusiastic about the talent of the Munich-born woman that he was of the opinion that she absolutely had to get her own show. It has long since come to that. The program “Blondes Gift” is still considered one of the greatest successes of the mother of two. The cherished Barbara Schöneberger’s assets are 4 million euros.

The beginning of her career

Income from Barbara Schöneberger
Incidentally, the actress and singer did not gain her first experience in front of the camera on TV. Already in the year In 1989 she was featured in a photo love story for the magazine “Mädchen”. Even when Barbara began studying art history, communication studies and sociology, it never came to a degree. After ten semesters she threw in the towel. However, today’s television star was also seen on German TV during her studies.

Your loyal fans will know that Barbara Schöneberger now lives with her family in Berlin. She is with one Married entrepreneur named Maximilian von Schierstädt. She recently adopted her husband’s name. However, she continues to work under her old surname Schöneberger, as this is publicly known and many TV viewers would probably not be able to do anything with her new surname at first. The magazine “Barbara” also shows how firmly the name Barbara Schöneberger is anchored in the minds of German consumers. It has been published continuously by the Gruner + Jahr publishing house since autumn 2015. The actress and comedian is a permanent member of the editorial team for this magazine. In doing so, of course, she continues to increase her own wealth.

Barbara Schöneberger and her highlights

Merit of Barbara Schöneberger
In 2002, Barbara Schöneberger was nominated for a grand prize for the first time. At the time, however, she was unfortunately unable to take home the German TV Prize. As a member of the “Frei Schnauze XXL” ensemble, the beautiful mother was allowed to learn about the in 2007 German Comedy Award in the “Best Comedy Show” category be happy. “Frei Schnauze XXL” has a recurring line-up with Barbara and comedy colleagues like Paul Panzer, Hennes Bender, Mirja Boes and others. The format also always had guests, such as Mario Barth, Cindy from Marzahn, Oliver Pocher, Guildo Horn and many more. “Frei Schnauze XXL” ran until 2008. With the TV appearances, she increased her income and with it in turn also their wealth.

Voluntary engagement

In 2015 Schöneberger received the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon. This award shows how much Barbara Schöneberger is committed to a good cause. She received the Cross of Merit for her role as Ambassador for the relief organization terre des hommesafter advocating for the rights of children in need around the world. In 2016 it rained numerous other awards for the TV presenter. In addition to the German TV Prize, she also received the Romy Award and the Golden Hen.

Her volunteer work for the German bone marrow donor database should also not go unmentioned at this point. She has already moderated the DKMS Dreamball several times. In 2009 she was awarded the Douglas Hope Bearer Prize for her commitment. The career woman achieved her best position in the chart in 2018. The studio album “A woman gives information”, released in May 2018, made it to number 15 in the German charts for 4 weeks. Countless TV appearances, presentations and her presence on the big screen also testify to the unbroken popularity of Barbara Schöneberger.

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