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Becky Habersberger is a 29-year-old actress who was born on May 26, 1990. She is a podcast member, makeup artist and beauty enthusiast.She is a gemini and is of American nationality. She was born in the United States. Her day of birth was a Saturday. Her current age is 32. This makes her a young adult. Her birth name is Rebecca Miller. You can read more about Becky’s biography on Married Wiki.

Youtube Channel

The Try Guys are a YouTube channel that has over 3 million subscribers. Try Guyis an online entertainment group and media production company. They are famous for their hilarious and inspiring videos. In addition to YouTube, they have their own side project, 2nd Try LLC. This company has spawned a New York Times best-selling book, a nationwide tour, and several podcasts. The couple’s age is 31 years old. Their daughter is not yet a baby, but they do share a cat named Alfred.


Rebecca Habersberge is most commonly seen on the popular Try guys extended series Try Wives Wine Time, Along with Ariel Fulmer and Maggie Bustamante, where they drink wine and have a good time. The  famous YouTube couple got married on Buzzfeed. They uploaded a vlog on their channel named’ Try Guys Become Groomsmen For Keith’s Wedding’ the video has 14 million views.

Active Social Media User

The couple married in 2017. She was dating Keith Habersberger for a few years before getting married. Her husband is also an actor, but they did not disclose the salaries. She is an active social media user, and regularly posts makeup tutorials on her Instagram account. She oftenly shares her pictures with her parents. She is very close to her grandmother. She has more than 280K followers on Instagram. She has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. If you want to stay connected with Becky, be sure to follow her on these social networks!

A Makeup Artist

Becky Habersberger’s age is unknown. Her birthday is May 26. She will turn 33 in 2021. She is a makeup artist, who is known for posting videos on her social media accounts. Her social media account has over 340k followers and 567 posts. It is not yet known if she has a full-time job, but she does have several streams of income from her fans.

High-profile Lifestyle

She is the wife of a popular YouTube star. Her height is 5 feet, 6 inches. Her height is 5’6″ and her weight is unknown. Her husband is a member of the YouTube channel The Try Guys. The couple has four children. Currently, they have a high-profile lifestyle.

Becky Habersberger has never disclosed her salary or income. However, she is a social media star, posting makeup tutorials on her social media accounts.The couple was married on May 26, 2017. The couple has two children. They have no children. But they have two pets. In addition to their social media accounts,

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