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Benefits of having a wooden garden shed

Many gardens are equipped with small wooden structures: garden sheds have become a must-have for the home, find out why!

Different uses and arrangements

A good garden shed allows you to protect garden tools from the weather, to store bicycles, skis and other bulky items, to dry your wood quietly, but the creation of a DIY workshop is always useful and the possibility of gardening sheltered from the rain is quite pleasant. But wooden garden sheds can also be used as living spaces in their full capacity. Indeed, having an extra room is a great asset: a spare bedroom, office or playroom, kitchen or summer lounge, office, workshop, room to relax, depending on your needs or desires, are easily achievable in a wooden garden shed. Find the one for your project on https://www.quick-garden.co.uk !

The interior design of your garden shed will be much simpler than with a resin or metal shed, which will allow you to use it for all of the above purposes. If your shed is used as a storage space or workshop or gardening area, you can attach all the necessary hooks to hang your tools and thus free up the work space, and install shelves to keep dangerous products out of the reach of children. If you are using your garden shed as an extension to your house, design it like any other room, according to your taste and desires. It’s as simple as that! The good insulation of a wooden garden shed also makes it possible to install heating or air conditioning.

Significant features of a wooden garden shed

As you have seen, there are many possibilities with a wooden garden shed. Regardless of what you decide to use it for, gardens have the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy to install, assembly is done in a few days and everything you need is supplied with the shed.
  • Adds value to your home
  • Increases the space of your home without the requirement for major works
  • Is fully customizable to perfectly match your home.
  • More economical than a concrete building for the same purpose

The other advantages are intrinsically linked to the material, more in the next paragraph!

The advantages of wood

If wood is a material that is in vogue, it is because it is :

Ecological: Wood processing is clean and energy efficient. Everything can be used, so there is no waste. Moreover, since wood is biodegradable and recyclable, it will disappear completely if left to the elements. And it will serve as an energy source if burned.

Resistant: Properly cared for, wood is extremely strong and will endure over time. Some wooden buildings were built centuries ago. You will only need to treat the interior and exterior walls, depending on whether the shelter is autoclaved or not.

Insulation: The Nordic countries have a great tradition of building wooden houses, showing that it is one of the best materials to protect from the cold. It is a great insulator and has a low thermal conductivity. Being water repellent, wood will regulate the humidity level, absorbing moisture when it is too high.

Aesthetics: Warm, naturally adapting to any garden décor, a wooden shed can also be adapted to any colour or style you like. Paint it in a sober colour in a contemporary garden or with multicoloured panels in a gypsy styled garden, it will look good, and if you get bored, a lick of paint will give it a new look.

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