Why Might You Need to Use a Medical Alarm System?

There are many reasons why to use a medical alert system, whether it’s for yourself or for an elderly relative. Medical alarm systems enhance safety and encourage independence, and they are one of the best ways to stay safe if you live alone.

Safety is an ever-increasing concern for older adults. As the years go by, maintaining independence can get harder and they can end up needing more help from others.

Aging often results in an increased risk of physical health conditions and cognitive decline, which aren’t always preventable. There is a reduction in mobility, stability, and balance, which increases the risk of falls.

Many older adults have decreased vision, and weaker muscles and joints, which makes it harder to stay upright when moving around the home or in public. This can be frustrating and anxiety-provoking.

It’s not just physical and cognitive decline that puts elderly adults at risk. There’s also safety from potentially harmful people to consider too. Older people are less able to fight off intruders when they live alone, and this can pose a huge safety risk.

In this article, we’re going to cover the main reasons why you should consider getting a medical alert system for yourself or for your senior relatives.

Safety from Intruders

Sadly, there are people out there with bad intentions. You can never be too careful, especially if you live alone as an older adult.

To put your mind at ease and keep yourself or your relative as safe as possible while at home, you can use a medical alert system. If you get injured as you’re trying to fight off an intruder, you can quickly activate the alert system to get medical help.

The medical alarm might even act as a deterrent. Burglars might spot the alarm and be wary of getting caught. Instead of trying to break into your home or do further damage, they will run away.

Reduced Risk of Long-Term Injuries

When an older adult falls over, there is a risk of long-term injury if they don’t receive immediate medical attention. Whether the alert system is for you or your elderly relative, it can put your mind at ease knowing that help will shortly arrive if there is an accident.

Falls are one of the biggest causes of fatalities in the older population. However, by receiving immediate medical treatment, the risk of chronic fall-related issues or fatalities can be significantly decreased.

24/7 Tracking

Some medical alert systems come with an in-built GPS tracking system. If you want to track an elderly relative’s activity to ensure they are safe at all times, you can give them an alarm to carry around with them.

The alarm system can sync up to your phone so you can keep an eye on your senior family member throughout the day when you’re not physically with them. The same applies if you are getting older and want your family members to keep an eye on you.

For example, if you fall over and are unable to get up, your relative might notice that you haven’t moved for several hours when they look at the GPS tracker. This raises their concerns and may cause them to come and check that you’re okay at home.

Medical alert systems can also be tracked by emergency services. If the alarm is activated, medical personnel will be notified and can go to the location of the alarm to provide help for you or your elderly relative.

Simple and Easy to Use

Keeping things as simple as possible reduces struggles and worries, especially for older adults. Medical alert systems are easy to use and can be activated with the touch of a button. They can be easily carried around or attached to clothing, and they’re small and light. 

Medical alert systems provide ongoing safety and use sophisticated technology without the struggle of a complex device. Many older adults find technology complicated to use but a simple alarm system is usable for people of all ages.

This type of alert system is also easy for you to use as the relative of an older adult. If you’re using an alarm with a GPS tracker, it’s easy to sync up to your smartphone. All you need to do is check your phone every now and then to keep an eye on your loved one.

If there are any complications, you can get in touch with the customer service team at the company where you bought the alarm. The team will help you troubleshoot any issues to ensure the alarm system is fully functional.


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