Best Social Network Apps for iPhone in 2022

Modern technologies play an important role in everyone’s daily life. Popular social network apps are no exception. In this article, Asolytics has collected the best representatives of this category, which deserved the users’ attention for a reason.

What Are the Top 10 Social Media Apps?

The top 10 most popular social media apps are services that people from all over the world like. Some are for business communication; others are more suitable for informal texting.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a service designed for video and audio calls. The platform has a pretty simple interface. It’s available as a mobile app and is linked to your phone number. Some features require you to sign in to your Google account.


The Chinese service MOMO offers customers free calls and chat. It also has some helpful social features like finding nearby friends and tools for sharing your short videos. Unlike some other top iPhone social apps, this platform allows you to purchase in-app currency and buy gifts.


WhatsApp regularly hits the top social networking apps for a reason. Most users of mobile devices probably have this service. Here you can text with friends, make video and audio calls with relatives, and share media files in personal or group chats.


The main rival of the previous service is Telegram. The developers try to make it a universal way to communicate and share information, so every update brings a lot of unique features. You can access text messaging, audio and video calls, groups, and even video and image editing tools.


Facebook is one of the coolest social media apps. It is primarily designed to allow you to share your thoughts and events from your life with the world and find out what’s new from your friends. The functionality of this platform is regularly expanded, and now you can even shop here and look for a job.


Life360 is perhaps one of the most unusual Apple social media apps. Its main task is to share your location with your loved ones. Strangers cannot follow you because you can restrict access to your data. The platform also allows you to chat with any other Life360 user and make new friends.


This platform is known for its incredibly high level of privacy. Signal has a simple interface and doesn’t offer any fancy features. Instead, developers focus on data protection. You can exchange messages and media files and make audio and video calls.


Discord is considered one of the best networking apps for iPhone for gamers as it was initially designed specifically for them. However, this service is suitable for ordinary users as it has undergone many changes. It allows you to exchange messages and make calls, but also you can join a conversation without creating your account.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger by Facebook is a “lite” version of the platform. It lacks social features but has all the tools for messaging and calling. You can register with a phone number or use your Facebook account to log in. You can block unwanted users or invite those who have not yet registered to the service.


The Hoop platform is not as popular as previous titles. However, it’s one of those good social apps for iPhone that you should check out, especially if you’re a heavy Snapchat user. These two services are strongly linked. While the app is free, you can get advanced features for “diamonds.”

App Store offers users a huge variety of social platforms and apps. In the list of the best, you can find both old items and new titles. Stay tuned to be the first to check out fresh products.

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