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Marion Knight – Bernice Burgos’ Boyfriend

Marion Knight, a business mogul and founder of Death Row Records, was once rumored to be Bernice Burgos’s boyfriend. In an interview with The New York Times, the rapper stated that they were just friends, but indirectly hinted at having sex. In the meantime, Bernice Burgos has been linked to several other rappers, including T.I., Trey Songz, and Marion Knight.

Marion Knight

Bernice Burgos is a model and music video star who has gained a following on Instagram. She has dated rap star Drake and T.I. She has two daughters, Amarie and Ashley, and is a mother of two. Although her parents have not revealed their names, it is likely that they are Puerto Rican. The mother of two also runs her own clothing line called Bold & Beautiful.

In addition to performing in rap videos, Bernice Burgos has also starred in print advertisements and music videos for a variety of rappers and singers. While she was in the music industry, she continued working as a bartender. She was even featured in Rick Ross’s ‘diced pineapple’ video, alongside Drake and Wale. Her fans love her, and she has garnered a devoted following on social media.

Young Ma

While Burgos’ relationship with rapper Young Ma is still a mystery, there have been rumors about the two. The two are seen in a new music video together, and some of their social media posts even imply that they are dating. Young Ma, however, denied the reports and has since remained single. Nevertheless, the rumors about Burgos and Young Ma are proving to be false.

Bernice Burgos is an American national, though she was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She dropped out of her local high school when she became pregnant with her first child. She struggled to support herself and her young family, and she later started working as a bartender. In the meantime, she stepped out and began modeling. Her appearances in magazines and newspapers quickly earned her the attention of photographers and magazine editors.

Ashley Burgos

Are you wondering if Ashley Burgos is Bernice’s boyfriend? The actress has been in a long-term relationship with the hip hop star, Meek Mill. The pair began dating in 2018, and are now dating for two years. Fans are hoping for wedding bells in the near future! Bernice Burgos used to make up to $8000 per day as a bartender, but now earns more than $50,000 a year from modeling.

The reality show star is a mom and model. She is currently working as a social media influencer. She is also involved in the fashion industry and has a successful e-commerce business. She is 25 years old and weighs 123 pounds. While Ashley Burgos is not married, she is reportedly dating Sambou Bubba Camara. The two have a daughter, India Ava, who was born in February 2018. The child is four years old and has an Instagram account.

Ashley Burgos’s mother

Ashley Burgos, the daughter of famous role model Bernice, gave birth to her daughter at the age of just fifteen. She is very ashamed of being pregnant at such a young age, but despite her embarrassment, Ashley did not give up on her new baby. Her mother helped her get through this hard time by organizing a baby shower for her daughter. Her boyfriend, Bubba, is the father of the child.

After giving birth to her daughter, Bernice Burgos has been a bit quieter on social media. She has not discussed her personal life much, but her daughter Ashley Burgos is clearly excited about the news. Although her daughter has not been in a relationship for quite some time, her mother has been seen with many different A-list celebrities. While her love life has not been formally addressed, it is safe to assume that she is dating several different celebrities, including Drake, who she once dated.

Ashley Burgos’ father

When Bernice Burgos became pregnant with her first child, she was just fifteen years old. She has two daughters, Amarie and Ashley. She is not married, but has two children with a man she didn’t know well. Although she has never said who her father is, she has mentioned that Ashley is the product of a teenage pregnancy. It’s unclear how long Bernice has been dating her boyfriend, who is also her ex-boyfriend.

The mother of Ashley is a famous figure in the music industry, and her father is a model. She has been modeling and acting on the side, and has appeared in several music videos. She has been in Rick Ross’ music video for “Diced Pineapples,” Jaheim’s “Ain’t Leaving Without You,” and Hal Linton’s movie, “Southern Hospitality.” As a result of her modeling and acting career, Ashley has reportedly earned a respectable amount. She has not revealed how much she earned from these projects.

Ashley Burgos’ mother

It is not surprising that the mother of Ashley Burgos is a former model. Bernice Burgos has been a famous face in the entertainment world for years. She has dated established figures such as J.Cole and Rick Ross, and even appeared in music videos. While a popular model, Bernice Burgos is also a mother and entrepreneur. The pair met in 2008 and are planning to start a clothing line soon.

While it is unknown whether Bernice is the mother of the baby, fans of the actress have speculated about the baby’s identity. Previously, it was reported that the actress was pregnant with Quavo’s first child. However, those reports proved to be mere speculations. Moreover, Burgos had dated Bubba before revealing her pregnancy. After the rumor broke out, she dumped Bubba, who later admitted to cheating on her. Upon discovering that she was pregnant, she deleted her Instagram pictures and wrote a cheating bio.

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