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Bert Kreischer net worth is a very famous comedian worldwide. He is famous for his career in stand-up comedy. His most famous accomplishment is being on stage, telling jokes, without wearing a shirt. The man can do everything when it comes to performances. In addition to his stand-up comedy, he also acts, hosts reality TV shows, and has his own podcast. His nickname is “The Machine. ” Bert Kreischer has $5 million.

Bert Kreischer Early Life

Bert Kreischer net worth was born on November 3, 1972 in St. Peter grew up in Tampa, Florida, although he was born in Petersburg. His dad was a lawyer who dealt with buying and selling properties, while his mom helped young children grow and learn.

Kreischer went to Florida State University and joined a fraternity called the Alpha Tau Omega. Here, he became known for being a person who likes to party a lot.

In 1997, FSU was ranked as the top “party school” in The Princeton Review’s yearly list. At that time, Kreischer was in his sixth year and was known as the best party-goer at the school.

Bert Kreischer Career

Bert tried doing stand-up comedy for the first time at a bar/nightclub called Potbelly’s in Tallahassee. He gave a recording of his performance to agent Jason Steinberg. Jason asked him to go to New York City and watch some comedy shows there. After moving to New York City, Kreischer got a job at the Boston Comedy Club in Greenwich Village. A few months later, Will Smith’s production company offered him a deal to make a sitcom.

In 2001, Bert was in a short film called “Prepare to Meet Thy God” and a pilot called “Life with David J. In 2004, he appeared in a DVD called “National Lampoon Live: New Faces – Volume 2” and he also made a special appearance on the show “The Shield”. Additionally, his story was turned into a cartoon for Comedy Central’s “Shorties Watchin’ Shorties”. ” Bert was also in the movie “Alpha Mail” in 2007 and he competed on a reality show called “Reality Bites Back” in 2008 with comedians Amy Schumer, Tiffany Haddish, and others.

In 2009, he had his first funny show on Comedy Central called “Comfortably Dumb. The following year, he began hosting a program on the Travel Channel called “Bert the Conqueror. ” He was a guest on the Rachael Ray show from 2011 to 2015 and has also been on other shows like Conan, Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and others.

Between 2012 and 2015, Kreischer was the host of a show called “Trip Flip” on the Travel Channel. In 2016, his second comedy special, called “The Machine,” was shown on Showtime. In 2017, he used his voice for a show called “The Loud House” on Nickelodeon. Then, in 2018 and 2020, his comedy shows called “Secret Time” and “Hey Big Boy” were shown on Netflix.

In 2020, he appeared on a show called “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” on Netflix. It’s a reality series where he goes to a cabin to take care of himself and asks his funny friends to join him in trying to make himself feel better physically and emotionally.

In April 2021, it was said that Kreischer and Mark Hamill will be in a movie called “The Machine. ” This movie is a funny mix of different types of stories, inspired by Bert’s real experiences and his popular stand-up routine called “The Machine. ” This routine has been watched by over 80 million people and it’s about Bert’s trip to Russia where he steals from a train with the Russian mafia. Kreischer is also helping to make the film. In 2023, Netflix came out with its own show called “Razzle Dazzle. “

In 2011, he was featured on a TV show called “Man Caves” where the hosts, Tony Siragusa and Jason Cameron, transformed his garage into a space for guys. They added a humidor and a big media center. Bert now uses this space to record his weekly podcast, called “Bertcast,” and he also takes care of all the production. Kreischer has also been on a few podcasts as a guest, like “WTF with Marc Maron,” “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and “Doug Loves Movies. “

Bert Kreischer Personal Life

The Machine is now 51 years old and is still working well. Bert is married to LeeAnn Kreischer, who is also an actress and podcast host. They got married in 2003 and have two daughters named Georgia and Ila. The family lives in a very expensive home worth $5 million in Los Angeles, California.

Bert Kreischer Age Height and Weight

Bert Kreischer is 51 years old.

Bert Kreischer measures 185 centimeters tall, which is equal to 6 feet and 1 inch. He weighs 102 kilograms, which is the same as 224 pounds.

Bert Kreischer Nationality

Bert Kreischer is an American comedian and actor known for being really funny and telling wild stories. He has a big personality and does crazy things. Bert Kreischer was born in a city called Tampa, which is in Florida, one of the states in the United States. He was born on November 3, 1972. He is proudly American.

Bert Kreischer net worth funny personality comes from growing up and living in the United States, particularly in Florida. Bert Kreischer is famous for his wild stories and funny way of telling them. He often tells crazy and funny stories from his own life. From his time in college to his crazy partying, Kreischer’s ability to make people laugh is so good that it grabs their attention and takes them into his life.

Bert Kreischer Social Media Accounts

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Bert Kreischer Real Estate

In 2010, Bert and LeeAnn bought a house in Valley Village, California, which cost them $529,000. When the property was bought, it had a small house measuring 1,400 square feet. Bert and LeeAnn made big changes to their home and built a new part at the back, which they use for recording podcasts. They have another property in Los Angeles and a home in Tampa, Florida.


Bert Kreischer went from a college student with an exciting story to a comedian who made lots of money. This shows how talented and dedicated he is to making people laugh. Bert Kreischer has made a big impact on the world of comedy and entertainment, even if the exact amount of money he has may change.

When you learn how much money Bert Kreischer has, remember that his story of success inspires comedians and entertainers all over the world. Anyone who is talented, works hard, and has a sense of humor can make their dreams come true in the entertainment industry.

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