Best Apps for iPad in 2023

Do you want to make your iPad as convenient for work and rest as possible? For this, you should install the best iPad apps.

Due to the great number of available tools, it may be complicated to define what instruments should be installed on one’s device. Luckily, we gathered a list of must-have iPad apps that can boast good functionality.

Things 3

If you are looking for a tool for task management, Things 3 as one of the best iPad Pro apps will surely be your greatest option. The instrument has a clear interface, provides users with good organizational features, and offers a one-time cost. With Things 3, you will be able to create to-dos and notes, set reminders, etc. Moreover, Things 3 supports the Apple Pencil and keyboard shortcuts. This tool will necessarily assist you to organize your day, make real progress toward your objectives, and manage your projects.

Scanner Application

Whether you are a student or businessman, you may need to interact with documents occasionally. For example, you may be asked to send an important invoice, however, you are far from your office. Or your groupmate may beg you to send lecture notes. For this, you should convert the picture to a PDF or other file format urgently. This is where a scanner tool will be handy.

Take advantage of a quick and effective scanner app to process and save documents of different types you find necessary. The instrument is available on the app store and can be installed with several clicks. With PDF Scanner App, you can make your device a small office.
How can users make a PDF from a photo, for instance? First, you should scan the necessary document using your device and the installed application. Then, you can save the image in any format you want. Finally, you can share processed files, print scanned documents using Wi-Fi printers, or simply store them within an application.


Do you have so many passwords that it is complicated to remember them all? Then, you should install one of the best apps for an iPad titled 1Password. This tool will not simply relieve you of the need to remember all your passwords but likewise will assist you to set strong passwords for important accounts.

The instrument closely monitors existing passwords. If one of your passwords is compromised and needs a change, 1Password will send you an alert. Aside from passwords, 1Password can also keep bank accounts, cards, account details, addresses, notes, passports, and documents.

File Converter

Working with files implies their constant conversion into various formats. For example, you may get an assignment to convert a picture to a PDF. Or you may require to search for a way to convert PDF to Word for free. File Converter is an answer to the “how to convert a PDF to Word or other formats” question.

File Converter supports not only image and document conversions but likewise audio, video, Ebook conversions, and more. This implies you can get PDF from a photo, MP3 from AVI format, etc. How to convert a PDF to Word using this application, for example? You should simply upload the necessary file and the tool will convert it into the necessary format in a flash of an eye. This application is the most suitable for converting PDF to Word free and making conversions to more than 2000 formats.


One of the best iPad Pro apps for rest is Netflix. This video streaming service provides users with so many features that regular old broadcast TV fades into the background. Its cost is available for users who, in turn, will get a wide selection of movies, cartoons, shows, series, and original Netflix content.

Apple iMovie

If you edit videos on your tablet regularly, then Apple iMovie should be on your list of must-have iPad apps. The tool’s price is affordable for users who can create trailers and studio logos, save videos in 4K resolution, and even transfer projects between their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch utilizing AirDrop or iCloud Drive.


Mint is one of the best iPad apps in the finance category. The tool lets users see where their money goes. Using Ming is simple: you should just create an account, add your bank or credit or debit cards, and the application will import and categorize your transactions automatically.


Nowadays, you can work, communicate, study, and rest directly from your iPad. This becomes possible with the help of special helpful online tools.

The number of such instruments is so great that it may be challenging to determine the best apps for iPad. The above-discussed tools will undoubtedly be useful for you so hasten to install them on your tablet to take advantage of their features.


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