The Best Cyber Security Tips for 2021 

Every business has a long list of priorities. These priorities vary depending on their size and scope. 

Naturally, larger brand names will prioritize maintaining market share and increasing customer loyalty, whilst smaller businesses will often be concerned with gaining enough revenue to stay afloat. 

However, one priority that all businesses should have – whether you’re a small, medium, or large firm – is cybersecurity. 

Surprisingly, cybersecurity is often neglected by business owners and employees. This is a bad idea, especially in 2021, when most business functions are conducted digitally. 

Sadly, there are thousands (if not millions) of cybercriminals all around the world who are ready to pounce at any moment and potentially cause your business tons of problems.  

But you need not worry, as here are some pro cybersecurity tips that will keep your business safe and secure throughout 2021 and beyond! 

Outsource your IT services 

Managing an IT department can be difficult, even for the most experienced engineers. It’s a complex job that requires constant work and monitoring. 

Thankfully, specialist companies can provide your business with excellent cybersecurity, data management, and system maintenance. To get started, check out Intouch IT

Use antivirus software 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a handful of employees or over a hundred; you need to ensure that your tech devices – from laptops to smartphones – are optimized with antivirus software. 

This way, you prevent the chances of any nasty website viruses or malware grabbing hold of your data – which would be a disaster for both your customers and your reputation! 

Promote a safety culture amongst your workforce

Naturally, some of your employees will be less security-conscious than others. This is why it’s essential to create a ‘safety culture’, in which your team is always alert of potential dangers in the digital world

For example, there is email and SMS ‘phishing’ to be aware of, which has been a major problem for businesses and customers for decades, now. 

Phishing is when you receive an email or text message intended to trick you into opening a link. This link will contain a virus. 

Often, phishing emails are sent by criminals pretending to be reputable companies, such as Amazon or Apple. To those who don’t know what phishing is, these emails can be very convincing and believable. 

Therefore, it’s important that you and your team know all the signs of a phishing email and text message. Examples of this include: 

  • Strange domain names 
  • Messages worded in urgent manners requesting you open a link 
  • Poor spelling and grammar
  • Requests for bank details

Through being educated about phishing, you’ll drastically reduce the chances of one of your employees engaging with these criminal emails and text messages – potentially saving your business costly damages and amongst other problems. 

Avoid public Wi-Fi 

Although public Wi-Fi is generally safe, it still poses a greater risk for cybercriminals to obtain or monitor your data. 

So, when in your offices or traveling remotely, ensure that employees only use your business internet provider. This will add an extra blanket of security that you won’t regret! 

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