Bob Arum Net Worth

Having accumulated more than $300 million in net worth, Bob Arum is an extremely successful boxing promoter and lawyer. The American was born in Brooklyn, New York, and is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before becoming a boxing promoter, he worked as a lawyer. After starting Top Rank, Arum headed the company as its CEO. His net worth is a great deal higher than his name implies, which makes him an ideal business partner.

Born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Arum attended Erasmus Hall Senior High School. He went to Harvard Law School and subsequently became a member of the United States Attorney’s Office. Arum graduated from Harvard Law School and was named “snobby” by his peers, a distinction that earned him a summa cum laude. After law school, Arum worked for the US Department of Justice. He was a lawyer for nearly thirty years, but after the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, he switched his field of work.

Arum is married twice. He was married to Lovee duBoef in 1991 and was married for 25 years. He is a stepfather to Todd duBoef, who is president of Top Rank. He is also a stepfather to Dena duBoef, who is the Vice President of the company. His third wife, Lovee, has two children with her. Todd and Dena are both married, and both are responsible for the special events at his company.

Bob Arum’s first job was as a lawyer for several Wall Street firms. He assisted in the creation of the Forward to the Warren Commission Report. While working for the DOJ, Arum met closed circuit television pioneer Lester M. Malitz. Bob Arum left the DOJ after John F. Kennedy was assassinated. He joined a private law firm and researched the assassination for his partner, Louis Nizer. His research contributed to the Warren Commission Report and later on became a major player in the sport.

The most notable of Bob Arum’s many accomplishments includes his role as a boxing promoter. He represents fighters such as Teofimo Lopez, Vasyl Lomachenko, and Terence Crawford. Despite these achievements, he has been involved in several controversy-filled episodes over the years. Recently, Arum was spatted with Terence Crawford. While boxing isn’t his primary occupation, he has hosted thousands of bouts and events worldwide.

Arum has contributed to the world of boxing, and many consider him one of the greatest boxers of all time. His estimated net worth is approximately $350 million by 2022. Besides being a boxing promoter and lawyer, Arum has appeared in numerous films and even endorsed Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. Bob Arum net worth is impressive, and his contributions to the sport are well-worth the amount of money he has amassed.

Arum built his boxing empire in Las Vegas and became a rival to Don King, despite their 40-year rivalry. In fact, Arum has been involved in numerous fights with Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray, Hagler, and Holyfield. Additionally, he has worked with Don King and Antonio Diaz. Arum’s fortune is largely derived from his work with boxing, as he has helped to promote numerous world heavyweight bouts.