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Brayden Rowley


The Tik Tok star and model from Utah is known to many for his relationship with a famous Tik Tok celebrity, Taylor Frankie Paul. Rowley gained attention after he posted about the divorce on Reddit. His divorce has since been public, with many fans mentioning him in their comments. Here are some facts about Brayden Rowley. Read on to find out more about this hot new star. Here’s a look at his life and career.

Their Split

Rowley’s wife Taylor Frankie Paul recently filed for divorce, and the internet is buzzing about her split. The TikTok star is no stranger to divorce rumors. She recently shared clips from her divorce proceedings, which she posted on Reddit. Unlike Rowley, she has not publicly announced her identity. She is, however, a YouTube star with more than 4 million subscribers. But is she really married?

Taylor Frankie Paul

Taylor Frankie Paul is an internet sensation. She has been teasing Braden Rowley on her social media accounts for quite some time now. Despite Taylor Frankie’s infidelity scandal, Rowley has remained silent about it. The singer is a huge star in the YouTube world, and her Instagram accounts are a hot topic on the internet. If she is dating Braden Rowley, it’s obvious that she’s having an affair, but she is not sharing details about it.


However, rumors of a possible relationship between Brayden Rowley and TikTok star Taylor Frankie Paul were a rumor. The TikTok star and Rowley’s wife had a relationship before the wedding and she posted videos on the subject. The rumors led to a misunderstanding between McKenna and her husband, which resulted in the deactivation of her TikTok account. While the divorce rumors are unconfirmed, she is still linked to Brayden Rowley.

Rumored Relationships

Although Rowley is still relatively unknown online, he has a few rumored relationships with popular TikTok personalities, including Taylor Frankie Paul, who has recently filed for divorce. She also has a relationship with a TikTok star, Taylor Frankie Paul, whom she is rumored to be having an affair with. This relationship has boosted Rowley’s popularity. But, as with any relationship, there’s a lot of drama.


In addition to his romance with Taylor Frankie Paul, Rowley is also involved in Taylor’s divorce. Rowley has also been linked with Paul’s single mom, Paul, who is a famous TikTok star. Her video was posted on Reddit and became viral, and rumors began circulating that Paul was cheating on her husband and leaving him for Rowley. It was believed that Paul cheated on Rowley because of the video and Paul was jealous of the celebrity’s fame.

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