Building Unique Brand Identities for Online Shows

People are using Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other services to watch original internet shows. A lot of different types of shows can now be watched online instead of on TV or cable, especially with the increasing trend of people talking wearing podcasting headphones.

Here the branding is like DNA in that it can be seen. The name, logo, look, content, and character of the show are all a part of it. To do well in streaming, you need a brand style that makes you stand out. 

Let’s find out how you can do it! 

Define What a Brand Identity Is

Brand names use words and pictures to make people aware of and think about what the brand stands for. Branding an online show means thinking about things like the name, pictures, text, and more.

To do well, you first need to have a good, full-of-feature live streaming platform. And about the rest of the process, your brand features should be:

  • Logos: For branding, you need images. Text, shapes, colors, and symbols are often used to recognize a show. Simple, unique logos that work well with video should be used.
  • Visuals: Images, styles, and colors all help people remember a brand. When done right, some images can show how well a performance did. A steady color scheme or opening action can help people recognize things.
  • Messaging: Advertisements, taglines, and website content are all forms of brand branding. Consistency in message shows the show’s personality. A lot of attention will be paid to showtone, emphasis, and crowd.
  • Tone: The name of a show should match its mood. If you want to be funny, serious, or informative, your spoken, written, and visual messages should all fit the tone.

When a brand stays the same, it builds trust.

Find Out Who Your Audience Is

Knowing your customers and what they like is a big part of what makes your business unique. Find out what your ideal group likes to do for fun, what they believe in, and how they watch TV.

  • What their names are, how old they are, where they live, how much training they have, and how much money they make? 
  • What kinds of books, movies, TV shows, or themes do they like? 
  • What devices and apps do they like to use to watch?

Find out what people like.

  • Do you like real crime, art, culture, and science fiction?
  • What kinds of things do they like?

Figure out who you want to reach with your brand. You can make a character that speaks to them and fits their tastes if you do study and understand them.

Consistent Brand Messaging

For a company to be successful, people need to be able to interact with it across channels. Your tone and voice should fit the show.


The taglines for your show explain it. Short and straight to the point. Taglines are short summaries of your show. Serial is a well-known show that tells one story “Every week.” The story is told in parts.

Think about what makes your show unique and what people can get from it when you write the theme. Stay away from tags that show everything. That line should stand out.


The brand’s tone of voice should guide the message. Does the show make you laugh or cry? For fun or for work? Really thinking, or am I crazy? 

When you talk to a group of people, show your tone.

Keep the bases the same even if the tone changes. The tone of your comments on Instagram and YouTube should be the same, but you can be more relaxed on your Instagram comments.


Talk with the voice of your business. Words and style are significant. Shows that are funny use a silly voice, while shows that teach use a serious voice.

Not other brands’ sounds, but yours. It sounds like a person, not a company.

Voice should fit the business and make people want to pay attention. You should build trust with everyone you talk to.

Draw Viewers In

Build a group around your online broadcast to get more people to watch and interact with it. Example ways to get people to pay attention:


  • Show themes are promoted by contests. There may be weekly cooking contests on food shows.
  • As prizes, you should give away gift certificates, show items, or guest visits.
  • Contests should be talked about on your website, show, and social media.
  • Ask viewers to send in films, photos, stories, and other creative works that are connected to the show for a prize.

Exclusive Content:

  • Give your loyal fans behind-the-scenes or mistake videos.
  • Add new information that only people in your website or private social media groups can see.
  • It could be a complimentary item or an email.
  • Viewers are interested in behind-the-scenes video.


  • Let people talk about shows, make new ones, and connect with each other on online forums.
  • Join groups and help run them to build a community.
  • Look at trends and what people are saying.
  • Invite people from your show to Q&As or AMAs on a forum.
  • Getting the audience involved builds long-term ties. Get people involved and encourage them to stay loyal to your brand by holding contests, giving away exclusive items, and starting forums.

A Social Media And Web Presence

To keep people interested online, brands need to have a great website and be active on social media. While building your online business identity, here are some tips for keeping up a consistent web and social media presence:

  • Secure custom URLs 
  • Optimize cover photos 
  • Create consistent profile images 
  • Curate branded assets 
  • Showcase personalities 
  • Post regularly 

Make sure your online and social media presence is consistent to get people interested in your show’s brand. The key things are visual consistency and interest.


A web show’s style shouldn’t stay the same over time. It should change with the show and its fans instead. While it’s important to stay true to your brand, shows should also try to find new, interesting, and useful ways to keep their fans interested.

There are some great tips in this book on how to keep and change an online show’s brand style.

Online shows can change over time while still having the things that make them stand out if they work hard. Know your viewers and think of new ways to keep their attention.

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